Friday, July 9, 2010

My house if full of AFRICA everything!!!! Love already in my heart for this place and we haven't even left!!!

Last night several of the girls from our 'hood got together! It was sooo much fun!! First of all, we haven't had a "girls night out" in ages so were were long overdue to catch up!! We all signed a soccer jersey that I will give to the kids on our trip!! I also received MORE donations!!! Thanks Sherry for hosting and putting this fun night together! It really meant a lot to me!!! :) Y'all all Rock!

Here is the latest update regarding my donation status...!!! I have stuff coming out of my ears!!! Ha! Serioulsy, I started to have a breakdown yesterday when I got home we have so much stuff. I brought 3 or our 4 suitcases down and told 2 tennagers (Robby and nephew Austin) and Caitlin to pack it all up! They got 3 suitcases full -- one is 49lbs, one is 50 and one is 51. Look at how much I still have left!!! I sent an SOS out to others in my group and wil be sending some of my donations their way, so we can get it all there!! If I have to, I will just pay for an extra bag in hopes the airlines won't kill me on the price to do so! :)
If you are still want to donate bring me your items asap!! ***A suggestion would be to donate cash (any size amount) in lieu of "stuff!" I can use the cash when we get there and I won't have to carry an extra bag! Ha! Cash is universal and easy to pack at this point!!! :) This is what I have packed and what I have left!!

My kids are busy decorating their soccer jerseys today!! We did real well selling these! I will take some pictures later and put them on the blog!! They are soooo creative!!! The kids in Ethiopia are going to love them!!!! Thanks to all of you!! I have loved sharing this journey with you! I have loved coming home to our donation box full of goodies!! I have loved the packages of stuff that arrived in the mail!! I have loved getting your favoirte team soccer balls! I have loved seeing how creative you family is decorating soccer jerseys from the kids! I have loved getting emails and envelopes filled with cash to support our trip and the Ethiopian children we will meet!!! I feel so blessed! God is Good!!! I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and family that support Robby and I on this journey!! 5 days until we leave..... WOW!!!
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