Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jersey Designs by YOU!!!

Well, I promised I would showcase some of our favorite Jersey designs so here goes....

The idea behind this was to purchase a soccer jersey for $55 and your family could decorate the jersey however you wanted. I will give it to a child in Ethiopia on our trip. We will have a soccer game with them and I will get photos of the kids wearing the decorated jerseys that you purchased and designed for them! I will post them to my blog so you can see the kids wearing them!! How cool is that???? You guys ROCK!!! I still have 3 left if any last minute readers want one to decorate!!! I also still have some jerseys that are being decorated right now so they will be photographed at a later time!! :) As I was photographing some of my favorite jerseys, you can see who wanted attention! Copper and Ace were wrestling right on top of the jerseys and wouldn't let me finish my photo session!! Silly dogs!!! :)

What I love about the jerseys designs is how creative you all were!!! Some have scripture, family names, cool stencils, lots of color, professionally designed logos, etc! They are ALL amazing and I know the kids will be sooo appreciative!! I hope to get all the kids a soccer ball too! I have some balls that were donated and I plan to purchase many more over there! I had a friend who went before tell me that they LOVE soccer and that they will play with anything....Even a homemade soccer ball made of trash with duct tape around it to form a ball. I know my heart is going to see so many things that I simply can't get my mind around and I just pray that God uses me to serve these precious kids over there. I hope to bring some happiness to their day and I will let them know that you made that jersey with LOVE just for them!! I simply can't imagine how they feel each day longing for a family--- any family. They are just like our children, just living without parents and in really poor conditions...they simply want to be LOVED.... My family is opening their hearts to adoption...anyone want to join us????

So I am packing this mountain of donations and weighing each bag (we have weighed each bag at least 25 times each as I pack and repack trying to get it all in there!) Ha! My nephew, son and husband are sooo over the ERROR message on that digital scale!! I met Melissa today, another girl going on our trip, and she took some of our doantions off my hands! Yay!! I just have soooo much stuff so we are trying to figure out HOW to get it all there! No worries-- its all going!! We may have 100's of matchbox cars in our pockets that will sound off security at the airport but we are getting every little donation there!!! One girl from our group said she may make a necklace with a tub of foam cutouts for the art projects around her neck!! Ha Ha!!! At this point cash donations are aprreciated in lieu of "stuff"! I will buy in Africa and the good 'ole American dollar goes quite far I hear!! :)

Space bags are way the coolest!!! Look at all those jerseys from the top picture in one little bag??? So cool! Love it! I am hooked!!!! Thanks again to all of you!!!!

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