Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nothing else is going in these bags!!!

Well, we are out of here tomorrow! I don't know how it happend but Robby and I are NOT on the 8:30am flight with the rest of the Nashville group- we were put on the 1:10pm flight which is soooo much better in soooo many ways! We arrive in Washington at 4pm and our connecting flight to Ethiopia departs at 8:30. That is a MUCH MORE tolerable layover for us! YAY!

I wished I had taken a picture of my dining room table with all of the donations all of you provided. It was overwhelming!!Matchbox cars galore, bubbles, jumpropes, crackers, granola bars, soccer balls, art supplies,dolls, bouncy balls, soocer jerseys, etc... We opened the suitcases last night and photographed the goodies so you could all see!!! Thanks again to all of you!!! There is nothing else going in these bags....The scales won't allow it!!! You should see this tiny carry on Robby and I have. We don't need much so we aren't taking much!!

???Wonder how much we raised for this trip???? How about a little over $4500 PLUS all of this loot in our 4 bags!! You are all awesome! Thanks again for all of your support!!! We are so blessed! I can't wait to show the kids what you have packed for them! I can't wait to shop for them in ET to provide essentials that they don't have! We are overwhelmed with your love and support!!! Thank you! Thank you!!

So saying goodbye to my parents today was hard. I can't imagine saying goodbye to my husband tomorrow. I probably won't wear mascara... If I do I won't have any by the time I get to the gate at the checkin desk at the airpodrt. Pray for him too...he will mostly be working, but he will be all alone. He has never been all alone without us for more than 2 days... Caitlin is at my mom's, then she will be home with Phil for a bit, then Caitlin is heading up to her grandma's house in Kentucky! I love you Philip and Caitlin! Be good, KNOW that we love you, and we will be home all together REAL soon! Hugs and Kisses!

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