Saturday, June 26, 2010

BUSY!!! Starting to pack our bags!

Well, this week sure has been a BUSY one! Robby was a team leader this week at VBS in Owensboro & Caitlin spent the week at SPACE camp at BUMC. So proud of my "not so little" ones giving back to others!! Robby moved others at VBS to lend supplies to our "packing for Ethiopia" campaign. Caitlin served at numerous charities this week ranging from Meals on Wheels to Haiti's closet with many more in between! She also stepped on a tack, which made me think of an OLD song I used to sing in Vacation Bible School..."If the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack, what? sit on a tack, sit on a tack...." Pretty sure they don't sing that one anymore! Ha! I loved singing it! Anyone else remember that one? An oldie, but a goodie and a fond memory of VBS church days with MY grandma!

Thursday evening Robby & I had our first Ordianry Hero team meeting with the other folks going on our trip to Ethiopia! We learned about our "proposed" iteniary and learned a lot about what to expect in Ethiopia! Oh, we so can't wait! Only 17 more days!!! We were able to all meet together and talk about what we need to pack in our
luggage for the children of Ethiopia! We will be taking our personal items in our carry on and our checked bags will be for the orphaned children of Ethiopia! That is 2 checked bags each X 2 = 4 bags of goodies to collect for very deserving children who have so little!!!

We are collecting donations if you would like to donate! Here are a few ideas of what we need! :)

#1 Your prayers for safe travels and that God may use us as he desires on this trip.
#2 That our hearts will be opened and filled with his plans on how we should act FOLLOWING this life changing journey
#3 SOCCER BALLS-- at this point they don't have to be deflated. I will figure out how to deflate those suckers! Ha! Apparently, the inflated one's are easier to find and cheaper, so GO FOR IT!! I need a lot! This is the #1, universal sport in ET!
#4 Fingernail polish, lipgloss, small decorative notebooks for the older girls in the orpahanges. Anything else you can think of for older girls-- I need that too!
#5 Individual peanut butter or cheese crackers... this is what we will hand out to beggars... this is one of the 5 poorest countries so, there is GREAT need here! :)
#6 Candy!!!- Gum, lollipops, gummi bears, pixie sticks, anything that doesnt melt- no chocolate!
#7 New or gently used toys- small enough for me to pack! ALL Ages!!!!
#8 Craft paint ( bottles), paint brushes, popcicle sticks, glue, craft t-shirts for art projects... beads, frienship bracelet kits, etc... anything crafty for the kids to work on - all ages! :)
#9 I am still collecting cash donations- I am HAPPY to shop for you! :) Email me at and I will get you my address!

We have a donation bin for your donations on our front porch (Art work by the talented Catalina Payne) or I am happy to meet you somewhere for a pick up! Clean out your kids toy bins, hit the Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby/Target! Robby and I can't wait to show the kids of ET what you have packed in our bags for them! We are so blessed! Our hearts are so full! Thanks to EVERYONE who has already supported our trip with your donations and prayers! :)

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