Sunday, July 25, 2010

We are home now, but our hearts will be forever in Ethiopia!!!

Robby and I arrived home last evening and it was sooo great to step back on the good 'ol USA soil! This really is the land of the beautiful and the plentiful! Robby and I toured some of Washington DC on our 7 hour layover and saw some of the National treasures in the dying 100+ degree heat. I am stuffy today because my body is in shock from going from the cold rainy 50 degree temps in ET to this heat wave we are having! Our flight home was good and we both got some sleep which is crucial on a 15 hour flight and coming back to an 8 hour time difference.

So sorry I wasn't able to blog from there like I had told you I would. There were major internet issues, so after day 3 I just gave up and committed to blogging it all when we got home. Honestly, my heart was so full of new emotions that I needed time to process what I was feeling and how to turn it all into words for all of you. I think now I can try. I think it will still take awhile for us all to feel what we saw and process what it all means and how we are to act after what we saw, heard, and felt. This was a LIFE CHANGING jounrey for all of us on our trip. It was the MOST meaningful trip I have ever taken and yes, we want to go back. Our family vacations to Mexico and Aruba have been great and relaxing but this was a journey of a lifetime. We gave so much of ourselves at times that I was running emotionally on empty to find out the next day I could give even more of myself to these precious people of Ethiopia. I have such a love for them and their HARD lives that they live. I appreciate every comfort I have here and realize how I take simple things like food, clothing and shelter for granted. My heart has been forever changed. I will blog each day we were there with pics and videos to try to SHOW you the beauty of this land and their people. If any of you are interested in this journey for yourselves of your family then start planning for it NOW! This will be a yearly trip with Ordinary Hero. Our time was amazing and I would so encourage YOU to go! My biggest regret is that Philip and Caitlin weren't able to be with us, so sign up and take the whole family! It will forever change your life! :)

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