Monday, April 25, 2011

Fundraise your adoption and your mission trips with Ordinary Hero!

Did you know that Ordinary Hero, a local non-profit, founded by Kelly Putty is now HELPING families fundraise their Adoptions and those who are going on Mission Trips???

I am so excited about this, cause I recently jumped on board with Ordinary Hero to HELP families and individuals fundraise!!!

You see it was OUR experience that fundraising is just down right HARD and actually PAINFUL! Yes, there were joyous moments when we were fundraising, but it was a VERY HUMBLING act to ASK others to help. We felt like we were being JUDGED by asking others to help. I am sure sometimes we were and other times we were just paranoid! It was just so not like us TO ASK FOR HELP! BUT Bottom line is that we were called to go get our Mamo... and it was A LOT of money to bring home our little Miracle! No denying it was the Lord's plan (who else can orchestrate an adoption from first meeting him and not being "paper ready" to having him home in 5 months!) But the BOTTOM line is God told us to TRUST HIM and that he would provide the means to bring this beautiful boy HOME! We knew that by "FUNdraising" we would PREACH about the Orphan CRISIS and possibly move others HEARTS to consider and act upon adoption... we felt like this was what we were SUPPOSED to do! It sure was HARD though! We were blessed to only have to raise PART of the money we needed, and so many others that we know NEED to fundraise ALL of it! I am so excited to help others who are now walking in our shoes, down the fundraising path, and hope to offer some encouragement along the way!! :) I had several friends that PICKED me up along the way when the fundrasing wasn't so fun! I would have never made it without them! So this is my way to reach out to others and HELP!

A few months back, Kelly Putty launched the Ordinary Hero STORE site. It is a site that allows families and those interested on seeking mission oppotrunities a chance to sell products and earn a "commission" on what they sell! :) GENIUS! We had a t-shirt fundraiser when we were funding our adoption (that proved to be A LOT of work with little profit), so when I heard about Ordinary Hero selling T-shirts that you can ask your friends and family to buy I thought this was SO COOL! Becoming an AFFILIATE is FREE! and you simply ask your friends and family to check out the Ordinary Hero Store for goodies to BUY and they get something cool and the affiliates get 40% commission off each item sold! (And they don't have to ship ANYTHING!) Kelly has people that do that!!! That is a HUGE bonus, let me tell you that right now! I LIVED at that postoffice and all the postage really added up! This is HUGE folks!~
Oh yeah, and because she is soo generous, Kelly also offers GRANT money in the way of contests to keep her affiliates motivated! FREE MONEY folks! 40% earning and a chance at GRANT Money$$$! That should perk up some ears! SIGN up today to become an affiliate. Word on the street is you might want to sign up soon! Real soon! Another contest is starting to take shape! :)

If you know someone in the adoption process, or someone who is thinking about it please tell them to Check out the Ordinary Hero Affiiliate program!
If you know someone wanting to take a Mission Trip, to Africa, To Haiti, To ANYWHERE tell them about this program! Its not CHEAP to go on these trips, so please support someone who is trying to go!!!

#1 reason WHY people dont ADOPT or go on MISSION TRIPS is LACK OF FUNDS TO DO SO!!! Kelly is trying to help change that!!! ( She just couldn't stop at her ORIGINAL slogan of CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE-- she is taking it upon herself to Change the world for A WHOLE LOTTA Folks!!!!) Ha! ha!

So, MY job with Ordinary Hero is "FUNdraising Coach"! :) I help others stay motivated along their journey and give them selling ideas on how to reach more people. I am also helping Kelly find items/merchandise for the OH STORE! We are working on some adoption shirts for families who are interested in adoption, as well as some cool gear for our Mission Trip folks. Ordianary Hero aslo has some REALLY "On the ground" PRACTICAL items that are for sale benefiting the children and villages in Africa. I am working with a few different Non-profits in Africa right now, hoping to help them with few select ministries that we hope to bless by partnering with them. :) Soo excited about that and can't wait to see where God leads us with those ministries! (Think Handicrafts!!!)

Check the Ordinary Hero STORE often, as we hope to continually bring NEW items to offer to our affiliates to FUNdraise with! :)

Stop by the OH STORE today to learn how you can buy a GOAT, raincoats, shoes, warm blankets and water. THINGS WE take for granted (ok, maybe not the GOAT :), but stuff that once you get off the plane in Africa that kids and folks just DON'T food, water and shoes!

Or pick up a REALLY COOL Ordinary Hero shirt, Jacket, Hat or a Travel Mug! STEP UP and be an ORDINARY HERO for someone! YOU can support someone who is following God's calling and help them be able to afford to adopt a child or go on a Mission Trip!

Ordinary Hero is a local non-profit, that has many LOCAL outreach opportunties that serve the Middle Tennessee area. Please check out what all Ordinary Hero has to offer... You can be an ORDINARY HERO right here in your back yard!

Real Life Among Us~ Ordinary Hero from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

'>Watch this video! This is an AMAZING non-profit with LOTS of places to GET INVOLVED! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great things show up in packages filled with LOVE!

The UPS man visits our house frequently; so when he showed up this evening while I was pulling weeds from the yard I didn't give it much mention.... ( figured it was MORE marketing materials from my work)... Then a few hours later I looked at it and thought, Hmmm..that is not work stuff! I HEART packages! What is it?

YAY! I love opeing presents! and I ESPECIALLY LOVE opening packages for littles in Ethiopia!!!! Lookie what I got!!!

The box just kept pouring out rain boots, rain boots, rain boots!

I heart Rain Boots! Still collecting if you want to donate!

Anne, you are AMAZING!!! Anne is the mama to a few of Mamo's friends, that are still in Ethiopia waiting to meet her! Oh, how I can't wait till she meets her two little darlings! Phil and I LOVED on her kiddos (Anne is Birdies mama, Wendi!) :)

Anne, you are DIVINE and I am so praying for your court date to be soon, soon, soon, soon!

Just a reminder to all that I am still collecting RAIN BOOTS ( New and Old) for the kiddos in Ethiopia! I will be sending them with Ordinary Hero for their TWO trips in July! I hope to be back on this trip next year! :) I Heart Ethiopia! I left part of my heart there for sure! They will be going in July and it is during the cold rainy season....please help!
HELP Cover their little feet!

We are all so blessed!

Blessings Anne! Thank you!!! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 weeks later....

Well, I keep getting lots of questions about Mamo's english, so here are some answers! He is PRACTICALLY fluent! Isn't that crazy? He knows everything we say, we spell a lot around here,and its a matter of time till the little stinker figures out what we are spelling....he is soo smart! He is always watching and listening and taking it all in! He doesn't miss a beat! But his english is VERY VERY good and its all the time!!!! Here are a few of my favorite things he says, that aren't quite right. "Please Noove... He get's his N's and M's mixed up.... Ha ha! And he loves to watch Noovies... I noticed the other day that ne now "plays in English", when he is playing with his cars by himself. Makes me a little sad to see that sweet Amharic go away.... :( But by George, he's got it!!!!

He is still LOVING school! Oh my! He would go everyday if we would let him! He loves to play and loves having friends! He is no longer stuck to leg at all times; he sees littles and he is off to play! He will say Mamo go play with his friends, and he is off!

He has been learning lots about Jesus and he thinks he is pretty cool. He still prays over our dinner each night, and his prayer has gotten pretty long. He says something like this (gotta get this one on the flip for yall)... Thank you Jesus, thanks for daddy, thanks for mommy, thanks for Robby, thanks for Caitlin, thanks for Acey, thanks for Copper, thanks for our house, thanks for daddy's car, thanks for mommy's car, thanks for Mamo's car, thanks for... it goes on and on. And if he is eating lunch by himself he prays too without prompting. He will start to eat, and then he will stop and pray!! So cute!!! Mamo will be baptized later this month!

Philip is from Kentucky, so of course he bleeds blue and he and Robby were soo excited the kitty kats made it to the final 4 this year! Mamo says he likes "Tucky" too! It was a tough game to watch....maybe next year!!!

Mamo has been wanting to try swimming for a while now, so on Sunday when our friends Stacee and David invited us over to swim after church, we jumped at the chance to introduce him to the swimming pool! He was a little hesitant at first and he clung tight to everyone! He played for a long time on the pool steps with a whole lotta toys! He thinks that his goggles are "fishy sunglasses!!!" Ha ha! Overall it was a GREAT first trip to the pool! He didn't want to leave!

Mamo is still talking alot about his birthday that is later this month!!!! He is excited about turning 4! :) He's most excited about his cake!!! This kids is ALWAYS thinking about eating!!! Ha! ha!

Well, off to work I go! Phil has the kids this am and I got a chance to have a quiet morning with coffee and catch up on some blogging! Thanks honey!!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess who turns 4 this month???

Mamo-licous turns 4 this month! His birthday is April 28th!! He is sooo excited! :) We have been to a few birthday parties now... he still doesn't get the whole concept, but he gets that it is a party and that they have cake!! Ha! Ha!!

He brought home his April pre-school calendar and he is sooo proud that HIS birthday is on the calendar! :) Big smiles all the way around!

Can't wait for his party, but selfishly I wish he could be 3 a bit longer! He is such a BIG boy going to school now in the mornings... He loves it and acts like he has done it his whole life! He loves being with his friends, and sadly I am not even getting hugs goodbye at the door ( I still get blow kisses when he catches me glancing in his room!) Melts a mama's heart...

Gotta look for a FIRE ENGINE cake for his birthday! It's his newest obsession!