Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Dear paynegina1.lovesdaniel, my name is Alexandra and i'm from Russia, but moved to the USA three years ago. I came across your photos on one of the social media platforms, and remembered you because you seem a type of guy I want :-) You are hot, smart and sexy :-) and I would like to get to know you! Hope you have the same feeling. If you would like to know me more, this is my email dahpandrea@rambler.ru write to me and I will send some of my photos. Hugs, Alexandra


Dear paynegina1.lovesdaniel, my name is Julia and i'm from Russia, but moved to the USA three years ago. I came across your photos on one of the social media platforms, and remembered you because you seem a type of guy I want :-) You are hot, smart and sexy :-) and I would like to get to know you! Hope you have the same feeling. If you would like to know me more, this is my email denisahilqvf@rambler.ru write to me and I will send some of my photos. Hugs, Julia


Dear paynegina1.lovesdaniel, my name is Alexandra and i'm from Russia, but moved to the USA three years ago. I came across your photos on one of the social media platforms, and remembered you because you seem a type of guy I want :-) You are hot, smart and sexy :-) and I would like to get to know you! Hope you have the same feeling. If you would like to know me more, this is my email ve8t7usabine@rambler.ru write to me and I will send some of my photos. Hugs, Alexandra

Monday, January 15, 2018

Could this digital currency actually make you a millionaire?

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes around. What divides winners from losers is those who seize it and those who don't. By now, you must have heard about all the people who made a killing with bitcoin over the last year. Some of them made more than ten million with just an initial purchase of a thousand bucks. What I want to ask you though is: Did you know that there are hundreds of other digital currencies that have had even bigger gains over the last twelve months? This includes Ripple, Ethereum and Raiblocks � you may have heard about some of them. What is the next big one for 2018? The answer in my opinion is simple. It's Swisscoin [SIC]. The reason for that is very straight forward. It's because it is supported by the Switzerland government. It is already considered as legal in the country and it is entirely shielded from any political instability. It's the type of coin that you can buy a thousand bucks of, and sit on for a few months or even years and that few thousand will likely be worth a few million. SIC has already doubled in value since Saturday and it will double or triple again by this Friday. So, what are you waiting for? For the time being it can only be purchased on /coinexchange [dot] io/ (that's the website address of the exchange). You can set up an account in about thirty seconds, then you send bitcoins to it and you can easily buy swiss coin. If you don't have any bitcoin already you can just google how to get some, it's super simple and will just take you 10 minutes at most, then transfer them to coinexchange's website and get the SIC

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 2011... Christmas (Round 1 ) with Philip's familiy....

Christmas with Philip's family is always so much fun! We had his  cousins from Georgia, his aunt come in from Florida, his cousin from New York and his other cousin who is a MONK that lives in Birmingham join us for the Christmas celebration!  We all made homemade gifts this year and exchanged them dirty santa style! It was sooo much fun and so much better than playing with store bought gifts! I loved how much effort put into their gifts! Now we have a whole year to figure out what to make for next year!!

Look who came to see us! Brother Pio!
So what did my crew make? Well Mamo made homemade hot chocolate and chocolate spoons for stirring. It was a hit. He may have attached his cute soccer picture to it to, and everyone thought it was just precious. Aunt Sue opened it, but cousin Jake stole it and took it home!

I made a wreath out of those spray painted pinecones you may have seen on our last post. :) Paw Paw ended up going home with that one. (Pretty sure Grandma got it!)
Robby made homemade fudge and its all Mamo talked about after Robby made it. He wanted to win it in the dirty santa game. And he did! BIG smiles for sure!

Philip was clever and loaded a few cool movies on a flash drive. Uncle Jeremy went home with that one. Not sure it was legal, but it was in the homemade category. Ha ha.

Cailtin made a 3 layered CANDY cake that was the hit of the party with the kids.

That cake was in a lot of people's hands before it went home with Caleb-- lucky boy!

Caitlin was excited to come home with these flower pens... made by Aunt Sue

Robby left the game with Charlie Brown decoration...made by Uncle Jeremy.

Philip won this wreath for us made by his niece Kelsie...

and I left with a cool homemade puzzle made by Philip's dad.

There were so many other awesome gifts! We had bird feeeders made with coffee cups, Christmas decorations, Coasters, Magnetic dry erase boards, a bag full of cookies, night lights, wine bottles filled with white Christmas lights, airplanes, a chess pie and The Facts of Life shrinky dinks! I know I am leaving out some of the cool gifts! It was so much fun and we all cant wait to play it again next year!! and this year we have a whole year to come up with what we are making!!! So fun!

Grandma and Grandpa gave all the boys a remote controlled car before they left. Mamo's very first one! He was so excited that he put it under his tree in his room that night when he went to bed!!

Grandparents with all the boy grandkids. Cailtin and Hannah were MIA.

We had a great time as usual just hanging out and catching up with everyone!

 We can't wait to see everyone next year!

A few days later Grandpa and Grandma came back to town! They stopped by to unload their sleigh and then they were on their way back to Kentucky! (Grandma was sick... poor Grandma, so they just made a quick stop!)

Mamo found this in the Toys R Us ad and cut it out the advertisement and handed it to us. It was quite hysterical. Out of the entire 50 page ad this is what he wanted. -- Horses, a truck pulling a horse trailer and a barn!
 Oh my!

Hot Pink! Thanks Grandma!

The Payne family bleeds BLUE!

Grandma and Grandpa!
Grandpa just retired a few weeks ago and they are brushing up on their golfing skills- so they are both going to GolfPlus after Christmas!

Grandma and Grandpa... this was 10 minutes after you left. (The AFTER picture!) Our friend rejoined us and we play with this EVERYday. This is his favorite truck and he loves his horses and barn. He won't even share this truck with mommy when we play. Its been deemed his FAVORITE for sure!

Merry Christmas Grandpa and Grandma! Thank you for all that you do!

December 2011....It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

December is one of our favorite months of the year of course! Last year we were getting ready to travel back to Ethiopia to bring Mamo home with us forever! He came home on December 19th! Our kid has a CRAZY memory, but he clearly didn't remember last Christmas AT ALL. He didn't speak English and some of you may remember he was VERY sick the week we got home. We actually spent last Christmas Eve in the Vanderbilt ER- No fun! So, this Christmas Mamo got a DO OVER First Christmas! :) He was sooo excited! We started decorating and transforming our house with all of the decorations! and We made some too with all those pinecones we have in our backyard!!

 (Um, Yes, that is my 4 year old with a can of spray paint. Don't try this at home. LOL)

Mamo loved that he got his OWN tree in his room. I was so thankful that I picked up some end of the season priced ornaments last year for his tree. When he saw Robby and Cailtin pull out their own boxes or ornaments, he immediately wanted to know where HIS Christmas decorations were located.
It wasnt't a box like Robby and Caitlin's but the Target bag worked just fine!

The trees all went up and he was just so excited about the lights, the Christmas movies, Buddy- our Elf that came for a visit, all the good food and all the family and friends that came our way to visit. We didn't travel anywhere this year. All of our family came to us and it was nice!

Copper got in on the fun too!

All of the kids were obviously excited about Christmas. It doesn't matter how BIG you are. Robby and Caitlin enjoyed telling Mamo all about our Christmas traditions and all about Baby Jesus and the Very Special Star in the sky.

We are gonna be Busy, Busy, Busy till Christmas day for sure! We have all of Philip's family coming in for Christmas! We are all busy making homemade gifts for Philip's family this year! I am real excited about this idea! We will play dirty Santa with the gifts we make! My 2 sets of parents will be making their stops too! Lots of cooking, baking and getting ready for Christmas around here!! The kids are so excited for Exams to be OVER and for Christmas break to START!! (We keep explaining to Mamo what Christmas break is -- we can't say Christmas Vacation -- because he thinks that means we are going to the Beach!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thankful for November...

Well, we somehow survived the madness of October and we were very thankful for the slower pace of November! This fall has been absolutely GORGEOUS! We live in a tree FILLED neighborhood and it is just so beautiful this time of year! Mamo was so looking forward to watching the leaves change and was sad when they all the leaves fell to the ground!


We had lots of fun playing in them...

and making pictures with them..

and raking them...

and just laying around in them....
We can't wait until next fall!! (and the real bonus is our HOA cleans up all the leaves for us!)
Thank goodness cause I have never, ever seen so many leaves in my life!

It's November and yep, we are still playing football folks! Robby started practice in June or July and we are still going!!! We even had practice on Thanksgiving day! CPA is advancing to the playoffs folks.

I heart this. and for more reasons than playing football. You see, Robby is a freshman which pretty much makes him "bling candy" on the side lines. But it's ok. There is a pecking order (as it should be) that needs to be respected. He understands his role on the team and helps the key players get better. He works out hard in the weight room. He is so much bigger than he was in June when they started practicing. Its really amazing to Philip and I both. He is getting bigger (not bulky), but more like becoming less of a kid and turning into a man right before our eyes. It's funny, but we are all getting so much more out of football than we all signed up for. Robby practices after school EVERY day and is at football from 2:15 or 2:50 until 7pm most days. That is a long practice folks. They teach so much more than football though. You see, they are teaching him to love and honor Jesus on and off the field. To God be the Glory! Soli Deo Gloria! Philip and I loved picking up Robby on Thursdays after practice. Thursdays they held devotion and had someone come in and speak to the team and build them up with a biblical eternal perspective. It was one of Robby's favorite things to talk about when he got in the car with us. Sometimes it was ex- Titan players that showed up to share their testiomony with the boys and sometimes it was a shoe shine guy that grabbed the heart of one of our coaches many years ago. These men were all shaping our sons heart, his head, and his body by teaching him its not all about winning the game on the field (they want to win - dont get me wrong), but that the glory first and foremost goes to our Lord and Savior off the field. Philip and I have been so thankful for our coaching staff. They weren't what we expected of a HS football coach-- alot of what Philip told Robby to expect went right out the window actually. Yes, there was a pecking order - but they built these boys UP everyday-- no cursing- no badmouthing- no pinning our players against each other. They built up a STRONG team and they demonstrated RESPECT and the LOVE for Jesus while doing so. This is now why I LOVE CPA football. For my son that is soo motivated by sports, I know that even though he is gone a lot with this program that they are teaching him how to be a man, and here he  clearly has amazing role models leading the charge.  Another one of Robby's favorite things was Friday Senior devotions. The Seniors were led to share their testimony with the team-- talk about getting to REALLY know someone- on and off the field and what their home life is really like. There were tears shared and friendships for life built during these moments before game day. Since we made it to the playoffs, they actually ran out of Seniors to share, so the coaches one by one shared their life stories with the boys. I have heard so many of these stories and I can tell you this-- There is no other Coaching staff that can touch them. They built a STRONG team who played well on the field, the built strong relationships in the field house and they were led by STRONG men of Jesus who set the VERY BEST example for our son and his teammates.
After each Victory and Loss, the boys dropped to their knees and prayed for their victory and for the other teams loss. Plain and simple- they gave God the Glory and no we weren't always playing Christian school teams. They prayed with Metro, the country schools and the Christian teams we played. We made it to the semi finals and suffered a hard loss. A HARD LOSS. It was so close.

Robby said that was the longest ride home- lots of tears being shed by grown men and boys. Lots of Seniors were crushed to have come so far and have lost so close to a victory. Our coaches stopped the bus and let the boys eat again, get off the bus and horse around. It made for a very late arrival time back at the school, but once again our coaches were teaching, and shaping and responding to our boys needs in that moment. I think a lot of boys grew up so much in that moment. The transformation Robby described was beautiful and full of Gods grace. It was a great year and I look forward to football next year- and this time going all the way to a CPA VICTORY!

     Robby, Josh and Scotty-- they all came over from Sunset this year to CPA! :)

And I never got a pic of Robby in his football  jersey (he ran to the field house to fast everytime.) I was so mad!! We were heading to Milan,TN for the semi-finals. We had so much fun with our new CPA friends at the games... We cant wait till next year!

Alright-- we have a few more firsts and then they will be coming to an end. But we have our FIRST Thanksgiving to celebrate as a family of 5! Mamo had a Thanksgiving Dinner at school that daddy went to with him for that! He loves hid daddy coming to lunch! He dressed like a cute little Indian! His mama made this cute vest and Cailtin made his Head-dress.

He was so excited about having a TURKEY for Thansgiving! My sweet sister ended up in the hospital over the holdiay, so we quickly changed gears and my dad and Susan came to our house for Thanksgiving lunch. (Jenn is doing better, but friends PLEASE continue to pray for her constant healing.)

Mamo and my dad made the yummy turkey....

and we had lots of fun eating dinner and playing with some of our cousins that could make it...

Philip invited our neighbors across the street to join us, cause they didnt have any Thanksgiving plans. We all had such a nice time! We are blessed beyond measure. Praying for my sweet sister, Jennifer, who had to eat Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital. Her sweet husband and daughter joined us for  Thanksgiving lunch and took her a plate to her room! I know she enjoyed my sweet potato casserole!!!:)

I wished ALL of  my brothers and sisters could have been here, but it just didn't work out this year. Maybe next year! :) We were also missing Philip (he had to work)- that is the downside to his crazy/great hours...But its ok- he was home by 7 and we fattened him up with our Round 2 of the Thanksgiving leftovers!

Cailtin had a performance with Concert Choir at the end of the month that was actually the kickoff to the Christmas season. Practice everyday and long days the last week. It was wonderful and she looks so pretty. Why oh why does she have to grow up? We are so proud of her and love her beautiful voice! (Our tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving every year!)

Philip also had a birthday this month and we celebrated with dinner and a movie! He couldn't wait to get us all to see the Muppet movie! Kermie the Frog was his favorite stuffed animal when he was a little boy... aww how cute- his mom still has it! We all had a great time! It was a great day!

           Happy Birthday Philip! You are my very best friend!!