Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok, I am officially back to work today and I have 106 emails and 3 urgent messages. (I am typing this on my lunch break.) Luckily, nothing too eventful went down while I was gone, but I am drowning right now trying to catch up with LIFE here at home! My house is a mess, we are cooking for 16 tonight (my dear husband is taking that project- yay!), I need to blog our trip, I have CPA stuff that is due, I have a gazillion phone calls to return to family and friends, Robby needs shoes (he left his in Africa), I need a shower, etc....Ha!

I know it will all fall in place. My stomach hurts (better not be a parasite friend :)- I think it is the normal stress of being back in our very busy lives here in Brentwood. Ugh. I want to go back to Africa time. Everything moves so much slower there. I feel like I am moving at warp speed! Ha!

Robby and I have jumped back on American time pretty fast. I am a little sleepy right now, ( it is 8:38pm Africa time) but it is probably the heat here! Serioulsy, can someone turn down the thermostat? It was 50-70 degrees there - and it rained EVERY day! Most days I think we were closer to 55 degrees... quite chilly- especially when you are wet! and muddy! Thank goodness we took jackets a a few long sleeve tee's- I through those in at the last minute! Thank goodness! I don't think I have pics of how muddy we got. It was hilarious. There were times when we were covered-- there was just no way getting around it! At first we were like "oooh" and by the end of the trip it was like "oh well." Funny how you adapt pretty quickly to the environment you are in! Ha!

I will type faster for thosse of you who are loving our blog!! I will try to get our trashdump visit/blog up tonight.It will be a long one so consider yourselves warned. It was the most meaningful part of our journey and it is a lot of info to process into words! Lots of pics and some videos coming soon!!!

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