Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Urgent- Sponsorships Needed-- Help get these kids out of the trash!!!

Ok, so does anyone remember my post about our favorite place in all of Ethiopia? It was the beloved trash dump. I know some of you know the name of this place, but for security reasons I am not naming it in this post. :) Here is the deal; there lies a need that I need YOU to look into your finances to support and it needs to be THIS WEEK! There are 20 kids that still need sponsoring from the trash dump. If you sponsor they get to leave the trash dump and go to a TOP boarding school in a beautiful countryside. They will have shelter, food and basic hygene provided, as well as an outstanding education that will forever change their family tree. They will call YOU their American Mothers and Fathers. They will write you and have a relationship with YOU. This is REAL. This is NOT the stuff you see on TV that you wonder if your money really makes a difference? I have seen this operation and it is legit. This operation is led by many angels who care more for these people than their own comforts. This time your money really will SAVE A CHILD!
You will rescue them from scowering though the dump to find food. Do you know they look for jelly jars that yield a birr and a coke bottle that yields 2 birr? They know which drivers drive the trash with the Hilton leftovers, and the Sheraton's.

I believe there were 200 kids total to sponsor and we are down to the "least of these."- 20 left!!! My heart hurts tonight as I type this knowing that they have been photographed and told they MAY have a chance to get an education and get out of the trash.... There are 20 kids left. Ouch. Can you imagine if the 20 don't get to go to school like they were told they MAY get to? These kids are the least of these. They have seldom, if ever, had anyone tell them that they believe in them or have given them a chance. You see, they didn't really believe they were going to get a sponsor. No one has ever cared for them, some don't even believe God cares about them, so why would they be able to dream of another life? Are you able to show them differently tomorrow when they wake up? They could actually hear the news that they are going to be given the CHANCE to go to school and to LEARN and to DREAM! We need 20 sponsors by August 31st, actaully by next week or myself and my trip mates are going to be a hot mess.

Forget helping fund OUR adoption for now-- God has already told us he will provde the funds for that. I am asking, begging, for those of you reading this blog to PLEASE help 1 of these children. They NEED a chance. They NEED someone, anyone, to believe in them and to get them out of a landfill for the Love of God. I smelled it, I saw it, my SON saw it. There were pigs wallowing in it. It was awful. We have to get them out!!! I can't sleep knowing they are there! These children are sooo precious and sooo deserving of sooo much more. I beleive that GOD is commanding us to rise up and share our blessings with them. They have nothing-- yet they don't complain. It is ALL they know. They BELIEVE they are cursed. Can you please change the life of ONE?

It will cost you $700 a year, or $58.33 a month. That is about the same price as your phone bill or your internet bill. This year and next and next. Until they finish school. Tonight we disrupted the birth order of our children. Tonight we adopted Getahun Tadusa and he LIVES in the dump. Selfishly, I thought we couldn't pay for him to go to school... You see we were trying to "figure out" how to get our liitle man home from Ethiopia who is 3 so I thought that was more important. I saw a post last night that there were 20 kids left, un-sponsored. Ugh. That hurt. God had already told me he would fund the adopton. Last night I didn't sleep. This morning I told my husband we HAVE to help. Take the money out of the emergency fund- wherever. These kids NEED a chance and we gave it tonight.I can't belive it took me this long to get that he WILL fund what he favors. I had heard him tell me this, but I didn't fully believe. HE has been telling me this all along, and now he is asking met to tell YOU. If you can help here is what you need to do- email
Erin Allen at erin@p61.org and she will get you all squared away with a child. You will be helping the "least of these". Their lives will be forever changed...and so will yours.

One last video of some of the footage we witnessed while we were in the dump. This is a MUST SEE video. Click here to see our beloved trash dump, filled with promise.

Ordinary Hero is the group I went to Ethiopia with. We were in Ethiopia with this group ONE month ago. Here is the OH blog that just posted out a cry for help last night as well. Check it out and please spread the word-- I know God will find sponsors for "the least of these"!

On the last day, Jesus will say to those on His right hand, "Come, enter the Kingdom. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was sick and you visited me."


The Payne Family ( of 6 now) Philip, Gina, Robby, Caitlin, Getahun and Mamo :)

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