Friday, August 27, 2010

Contact us for Uganda Bead Necklaces and Authentic Cow Horn Earrings!!!

Thanks to ALL of my friends who are supporting us by creating awareness of our Adoption and partnering with us to sell these FABULOUS, CONVERSATION STARTING, GOTTA HAVE THEM, MY FRIENDS WANT SOME magazine beads from Uganda!!! They are so like the hottest thing ever and I can't beleive how many we are selling! You guys ROCK!!!

This post is for everyone you told to go to our site to order beads from us!!!

Contact me at

and I will get you information on how to get your beads and/or earrings!! They make wonderful gifts!!!! Thanks for finding us!! :)

Click here to learn the beautiful story behind these beads!

Click here to view our adoption announcement!

Go to our July posts to read about our mission trip to Ethiopia! So glad you joined the journey!!!

You gals and guys keep wearing those beads and tell your friends, neighbors, relatives,the lady that you just met in Publix, your sales rep at Banana Republic :) and your dentist to GO TO OUR BLOG to get THEIR beads! Each purchase helps fund our son's adoption, you provide an income to women in Uganada who make the beads, and you feed children in our friend Katie's feeding program in Uganda... all of this happens from buying a ONE OF A KIND NECKLACE necklace!! How awesome is that!!!

Thanks Y'all!!!
Philip, Gina, Robby, Caitlin, (+PLUS ONE!!!)

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