Tuesday, August 10, 2010

READY, SET, FUNDRAISE !!! Magazine Beads are HERE!!!

LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL PURCHASES WILL HELP BRING OUR SON HOME FROM ETHIOPIA, AFRICA!!! We are fundraising the money needed to help bring him home, and in the process we hope to educate others of the Orphan Crisis that exists in this WORLD! There are 147 Million Orphans in this world that need a Forever Family!!! Will YOU support us???

These necklaces are made by women in Uganda, Africa from the Karamojong tribe . Katie Davis with Amazima Ministries taught these beautiful women a trade, so that they may provide for their children.

These beads are handmade from recycled magazines and paper! There are no 2 alike!

These faboulus hoop earrings are COW HORNS!!!!

Come on people, how many do you want??? My advice here is to buy 2 earrings in different colors so you can change out with your outfits!!! FUN!!!!

We are asking for $40 donation for the set (necklace and earrings!) I am starting with 30 to sell. I want to buy 300+ more, so let's see how fast we can move these out! I just love the story behind these gorgeous beads!
If you want to buy a necklace with 2 earrings to mix/match it is $55 donation! Necklaces by themselves are $25! Time to stock up!!! Thanks so much for your support!!! :)

147 MILLION ORPHANS, a local buisness run by my high school friend, Suzanne and my new friend, Gwen, support these women of the Karamojong Tribe by buying their necklaces. This allows these women from Uganda to support their families, and in turn they help adoptive families, like us, raise money to fund their adoptions!!! The Karamojong women create these beautiful necklaces by hand and from re-cycled paper. The goal is to help these women of Africa maintain sustainable income for their families, without having to resort to begging, digging in the trash for food or even prostitution.

AND 50%+ of the profits back to a feeding program run by Katie Davis. It is a beautiful full circle story of the body of Christ. If you remember this is where our journey all started-- BY HELPING KATIE! See day 1 of our blog-Living a Better Story!!

Buy a necklace and you feed a child in Africa, employ an amazing group of women in Africa, and help us bring our son home from AFRICA!!! Tell your husband this was a shopping moment that HELPED so many people-- and you get a cool necklace and earrings that EVERYONE is going to be talking about!!! It's a Win,Win,Win,Purchase!

You can wear them all different ways-- as a long necklace,


and some you can triple,

or as a cool chunky bracelet!

They make GREAT gifts so stock up!!!

Buy one for yourself,for your mom, your sister and for a friend! Email me at paynegina1@hotmail.com and tell me how many you want or leave me a comment on this post! Please wear them everywhere and when you have someone ask you about it, will you please send them our way?

***If you are interested in helping me sell these, to help bring our little guy home from Ethiopia,Africa please let me know! Once you start wearing the goods you will see how many compliments you get! I get compliments ALL THE TIME when I wear mine! Every little bit helps, and we really appreciate your order of one or ten!!! So please consider helping us sell a few necklaces when you start getting all of your compliments!

We are so excited and cant wait to see what God can do with this opportunity to help sooo many people!!! If you would be so kind, would you please scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the Facebook or Twitter link and share with all of your friends? We need to get in front of as many people as possible! Thanks for helping us market this fundraiser!!!Thanks Y'all!!!

There are many ways to pay for your purchase-there is a "Payne Adoption Fund" Paypal link on our blog that you may pay by credit or check card! You can also mail me a check or drop by the house! We accept cash, check and credit!! Our ADOPTIN FUND IS NOW OPEN!!!!
If you pay by paypal don't forget to send me an email about who you are and how many you want so we can arrange a way for you to get your goods! (via mail, in person, etc..) *There will be an additional $5 fee for all mail orders to cover shipping! :)

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