Friday, August 6, 2010

My Trip to Ethiopia By: Robby Payne

This was really an eye-opening trip for me. It really helped me realize how well off we are & how lucky we are here in America. Here in the States we always want more & are never satisfied with what we do have. Kids in Ethiopia were just as happy as could be with 1 flat soccer ball & rocks to set up as goals.

Their shoes are falling apart & their clothes have holes everywhere. They are just happy with one pair of decent fitting clothes. They would be overjoyed with our old clothes that we think, "aren't cool anymore."

The orphans there really knew how to make the best of a bad situation. Their parents aren't there with them anymore & they are sent to a new place to live with nothing to call their own, yet they will make friends & find ways to have fun & be happy with the little that they do have. I'm really glad I was able to go on this trip with my mom. I met new people, made new friends, & really found out what the other side of the world is like. It's full of orphans, just wanting to be loved.

Before this trip, I didn't want to have anything to do with a soccerball & now I have newly found respect for this sport. Soccer is the only escape many of them have, yet they'll play it & have a great time no matter what. There are so many reasons for them to lose hope, but they don't.

The trashdump was definitely my favorite place we visited. They amount of need there was unbelieveable. I can't believe that they have to dig through the dump to find there food & other neccessities. There are so many kids, and adults too, that need help there. Too many people. If we go back I would for sure want to go back to the trashdump. To see how great the need is there, you really have to watch the video that we will be posting soon.

They keep going everyday, hoping someday to have new hope. Ethiopia is a country that really needs our help. This was an unforgettable trip & I really hope to go back sometime soon.

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