Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

My husband says this is how I make decisions --- without little hesitation! I am the "reactor" and he on the other hand is the "processor"... To prove this point it took him 7 years for him to ask me to marry him! 7 days later I had the entire wedding planned! Ha!
Since March I have had a yearing for Africa but I have been waiting for my husband to "catch up!" He was never far behind, truthfully almost immediately on board but we have been all over the globe trying to decide WHERE we look for our child! It is a lot to take in and each country has their own attractiveness and their own pitfalls. My heart NEVER left Africa and I just couldn't get connected as deeply anywhere else.
Fast forward to Friday morning June 4th. I had my best quarter ever for work and my check had just been deposited. I find a Mission Trip through Ordianry Hero that leaves NEXT MONTH with a few available spots! Hmmmm..... I immediately thought of taking my son since I knew my husband couldn't go. I told the kids about the Mission Trip I found and my son's response was " when are we going?" He is my "little" reactor! Decisions have to be made and finalized today because they are booking air travel next week! Oh my Gosh!!!

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