Sunday, June 6, 2010

We are Going To AFRICA!!! Someone pinch me!!

WE ARE GOING TO AFRICA!!!!!!! Robby and I just have to get pumped with shots, pack and shotput over to Ethiopia, Africa!!! I am so excited, scared, nervous, and running on adrenalin! So many emotions follows the booking of this BIG trip! Trip is July 14-24th!!!!

My first follower... of course my sweet, sweet husband! Actually I should say OUR first follower to OUR blog is my husband. Bless his heart... he is being dragged on this journey.. not kicking or screaming but definitley being "not so sure" and "sure" at the same time... Honey I love you! He has called several times today to tell me he loves me and that he trusts this is the right decision. He is hyper-ventilating just a tad and I LOVE HIM for it! Honey, just breathe in the little brown bag in and out.. in and out! :) She loves you!!! God is in control ... not us!!

The kids found the blog today- I was trying to get it all set up but no such luck... all I have done is post a few entries. I can't seem to figure out how to do anything else. If you know me well then you know I am not the best at the computer. I called my friend in Texas who I sorely miss and she's gonna check it out and do her thing. I can't figure out how to add the buttons or the links I want to our site! What is a gidget and a widget anyways?? I can't figure out how to add music so Robby and Caitlin spent an hour & 1/2 tonight compliling THEIR song list for OUR blog and trying to figure out how to get it on there! Well, it's on there after a whole lot of effort and is right at the TOP of the Blog now SCREAMING at everyone as soon as you open the blog... Oh, and it is BIG! LOL. Poor Robby has to get up at 4:45 am tomorrow but he just kept trying to figure out how to get it on, how to move it, how to get it to work, etc.... It only cost us nine bucks to figure out we could have used the FREE playlist site.... which is the one he ended up using ( thanks Katie!- he used your site as a guide (!) He also informed me Katie that I quoted you wrong on our first post... I said you had 13 kiddos in Uganda. This is proof my kids read her blog because he corrected me to her 14th addition! Unh..hum ... little Patricia....I knew that! :) I wonder what tomorrow brings....

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