Sunday, June 13, 2010

WOW! What continent do you see in our family picture background?

Caitlin was proofing my last post tonight and she noticed that we finally had our family pics on the blog. She said "So cool that our picture has AFRICA in the background." We were like what????... Look again. We had only "seen" the globe of the earth. But look..." She is right! :)There sits Africa in our "family" picture! :)

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  1. The day you and I sat on the sofa and you showed me all of Katies experinces in Africa I knew that one day you would be on a journey of your own. Then about a year or so later and I walked in and you and Warren were on the phone to each other I listened for a moment, looked at him and said "shes going to Africa isnt she". He looked at me in amazement. I am so proud of you and I know God is working in you always. You have a heart of gold and I know you will want to bring them all back home with you. But be still my heart and listen for that special pound and this shall be the one God has sent to yall. If it be "his will not mine."
    God has blessed yall so much.
    Warren and I are praying daily for guidance, protection, and wisdom in the days ahead for yall as a family. Love you, Mama