Friday, November 5, 2010

Too excited to sleep last night! :)

Well, we made it to our first stop (Dulles)and we are hanging out, thinking we should get some sleep, but who can sleep? OK, the Overwhlemedness has left and EXCITEMENT is settling in!!! Woo HOO! Let's get this show on the road!

So yesterday, we sported our family adoption t-shirts to the airport and had the chance to meet a lady who is starting a children's home in India, another couple who was going to a child center in India to love on some orphans(not related to the first lady),a cool guy named Tom Davis who was heading to the Orphan Summit meeting, who has a ministry called Childrens HopeChest! They work with orphans all over the world. Check it out at
We talked to so many people about what our shirts meant, where we were adopting from and were congratulated over and over. Kind of like being REALLY pregnant (7mmonths or so)...people were just attracted to comment on our "situation!" Today we are suiting up in our 147 Million Orphan Gear, so we hope to continue to advocate for those without a voice thru our shirts! People just want to look at you and they SMILE! :) I have never talked to so many people on an airplane ride and a trip to the airport!

So, I left all my makeup in Nashville. Argh! I realized that last night at the hotel! Oh well,what cha gonna do? ( that is besides buy some really over priced stuff at the airport if they have anything this am!)Ha ha ha!

Well, look like next post is from Ethiopia!!! :) Talk to ya from the other side of the world in a bit!
Philip and Gina

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