Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birth Certificate...CHECK! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We got news Tuesday that Daniel Mamo's birth certificate has arrived!!! and it matches what his father gave us! His birthday is April 28th, 2007! Can't wait to have this 3 1/2 year old boy home soon!!

Isn't he just a cutie??!! We are so excited to have a Spring birthday to add to our family!

Next item on the wait list is his Passport, then we are submitted to the Embassy! Ya -Hoo!!!

We are busy clearing out closets and transferring rooms now! Our carpets are getting cleaned Saturday and the "nesting" has officially started! There is a CHANCE he will be home BEFORE or right after Christmas, so we are getting ready!!! There is soo much to do!!! We have sooo much to be THANKFUL for!

We were also reminded today of another way we could help someone else today in Africa. God has spoken to us to help a friend in need and we were THANKFUL that we were able to do so. We have so many things to be THANKFUL for here in America. God continues to stir our hearts, place people in our lives that he wants us to see and help, and HE is calling us to do MORE. I LOVE that HE is STRETCHING our faith our budgets and our hearts!

Ok, hopefully we will post more updates REAL soon!

:) Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Please click HERE to read a special and beautiful Thanksgiving message from my friend Krisit Johnson. I echo her feelings today and wanted to share her blogpost with you. You can also contact Sue Hedberg at Celebrate Children (Our agency) to see WAITING kids with her agency (she will email you a password) who are WAITING for someone to say YES! I promise you it will FILL your heart to help the least of these! We have so much to give and to be THANKFUL for this holdiay. I know many of you have room in your hearts and in your homes to love ONE more! Go ahead, take a look! :)

I firmly beleive everyone has a role in the 163 million Orphan Crisis that we currently have in this world. I know not everyone had the calling to adopt- but I do beleive that EVERYONE has a calling in this CRISIS. PLEASE Support someone who is adopting by helping them financially, GO VISIT an ORPHAN, or Pray for the Orphan!

If (only) 7% of Christians would adopt ONE Orphan in this world, then there would be NONE left! Did you know...34% of Christians consider Adoption, but only 1% ACTUALLY do it! Please don't be in the 33% that does nothing if you are or have ever considered adopting! That is the ONE statistic that haunted me after I read it! We didn't want to be in that 33%! A lot of people do not adopt because of finances....Many of us can help someone say YES by helping our friends and our family financially!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! :) We are sooooo blessed to have a strong marriage, a wonderful family, 2 smart and beautiful kids, a toddler on the way, a warm house, plenty of food on the table, and rich friendships!We are blessed to be able to WORSHIP and PRAISE God for all of our blessings!

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