Monday, November 8, 2010

Arrivied in Ethiopia!!! Day 1

Hello, this is Meghan, Gina's friend, and I am adding the blogs for her. She can not blog in Ethiopia so she is sending me the entries and I am adding them for her. I am new at this so please bear with me.

From Gina and Philip:

The plane ride to Ethiopia was not that bad, but we got very little sleep! When we landed Philip totally started bottoming out so we came back to the guest home for him to take a nap! I met several other families staying here and they are truly all so nice! I was able to get us all unpacked and then we headed out to go see Mamo! :)

We didnt really know WHAT to expect when we got there! I didnt know if he would at all remember me from the first time. He saw us get out of the bus and he looked up immediately and smiled. He then came over and hugged me with the BIGGEST hug I have ever had. I am talking a " I am never letting go of you" kind of hug! Tihitinna, his orphange director, said he had been waiting for us!!! :) He is so stinking cute! He met Philip for the first time and they were both smitten with each other! I have some great pictures of everything and hope to show everyone on Wednedsay after court!!! Here is one pic to share-- Mamo wasnt looking at the camera so here is a sneak shot of him meeting his daddy! :)

We stayed at the orphange and played with him and all of the other kids! Many of them remembered me from the trip in July! Tsemegen came right over to us Robby and started swinging an air baseball bat-- I think he was looking for you!! :) He said he remebered us! Wendi and Beth-- Your kids are all doing GREAT and they are all so precious! We will be loving on them for ya! Shari and Kelly- we will be loving on yours too! So happy to love on your kids while we are here too and to tell them that you are all coming soon! :)

We left the orphange after a lot of play and we went to eat with a group of new friends from our guest home! We had brick oven pizza and it was delish! We will defintiley be going back to that restaurant while we are here! ( At least for take out!)

The location of where our guest home is wonderful! We are in walking distance to a Kaldis (local Starbucks), and grocery and many shops (aka Mall), just 2 blocks over!
Heading to Kaldi's in the morning for breakfast! :) A tall Carmel Machiaatos here is 25 birr, which is about a $1.50 US.

We need some sleep in the worst way, but so happy we got to see/meet our little guy and love on him for a bit! Hopefully we will bring him back tomorrow to the guest house with us! :)

Please keep praying for our court date which is Wednesday and that little Mamo's heart is open to receiving us! :)

Robby and Caitlin - we love you and miss you!!! Mamo loved seeing pictures of you!!!

Philip and Gina

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