Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MORE progress and a SPECIAL prayer request for "T"!

Well, more GREAT news this week... I love getting emails from our agency director, Sue Hedberg!!!! :)
Keep them coming Sue!!! :) We just need a few more! :)

This week we got his medical clearance, they also have his passport and it is all being submitted to the Embassy on December 2nd! ( this Thursday!) Woo HOO! So more waiting, but things are indeed moving along and we are getting closer to having him HOME with us FOREVER! :)

We are praying for an Embassy date of December 16th or December 30th! :) We prefer the earlier one, but so do a lot of other families! I keep reminding myself that God already knows when he is coming home and that his timing will be PERFECT! I am so ready for tomorrow to be December already and I just PRAY this is his HOMECOMING month! :)

In the meantime, he did get a musical card from us yesterday! You meet a lot of new friends when you wait for an adoption! Our new friend went to his orphanage this week went to bring her son HOME! What a joy! We are so happy for her family and for her new son! We were so grateful for our son to receive something as simple as a card and a few photos to hopefully ensure him we are thinking about him and coming soon for him! Our friend just said he kept staring at the pictures! :) That sounds about right! He loves his photos!!! :) Love you little guy! We miss you soo much!!

So, we are busy getting the boys rooms changed around ( Robby is going to the extra bedroom). We have been busy cleaning closets ( donating more stuff to another Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale that is THIS weekend), having the carpets cleaned ( Thanks Luke @ Mr B's Chem Dry!), and pulling stuff off the walls! Next job is a nice coat of paint! All that is left in Robby's room is his bed ( Now Mamo's) and a real cool Train table ( Thanks Kurtis and Alicia!) :)

We are also trying to get the rest of our ADOPTION T-SHIRTS sold!

So funny, but that is one of the TOP posts that people go to on our site! I know they are getting ideas for their fundraising and for their family T-Shirts-- we remember doing the same thing!

We have a FEW left---so get yours if you want them! They would be GREAT to wear to the airport when we have our welcome home party!!! I can't wait to be able to tell y'all when we are coming home!! Yay!!!

T-shirt sizes: (this is what we have left)

2 ladies Mediums

2 mens Mediums

1 mens XL

Who wants them? Ladies are $28 and Mens are $25!
5$ shipping and pick ups are FREE! You can pay through paypal, cash or check! :)

We also have a FEW Uganda beads left!

We don't have too many so if you want one or two as Christmas presents PLEASE let me know ASAP! I think we have like 14 left and then we are done!!!! They are $25 each!!!!

Thanks to all of our family and our friends (old and new) for your support of our family on this adoption journey! We have been so blessed by your support, generosity and your love!~ I can't wait until Daniel Mamo gets the chance to meet the people that loved him, believed in him and who are giving him the chance at life, as part of our family, long before they knew him!

I would like to request a very special prayer for a 6/7 year old boy, "T", who is still at Mamo's orphanage WAITING to be picked by his FOREVER family! He is the only one left waiting, of the original 8, that my son and I met on July 20th. Will you please PRAY that someone PICKS him soon! He is a doll, speaks wonderful English and is so loving! Robby helped teach "T" how to swing a baseball bat while we were there. Robby says he was really good at is too! We were pretty sure they had never seen a baseball bat before!!! It was a lot of fun watching them work that bat! LOL

When Philip and I stepped off the van when we arrived to see Mamo last month, "T" lit up when he saw me. He started swinging an air baseball bat-- then I knew he remembered me! (and he was looking around for Robby!) If you would like more information on this child I would love to tell you how AMAZING he is! He is school age and plays well with others! He is GREAT at soccer and is the BIG brother at the orphanage to all the little ones! My guy LOVES him! They all do!!! Ask my husband..this child is so sweet and NEEDS to be picked soon! He is a very special boy to our family and we are praying for him and are asking for your prayers too!

Someone PLEASE pick him! There are 6 kids from this orphanage coming to Middle Tennessee. I would so love if it were 7! He is watching all of us loving on our kids, watching the other kids with their mommies and daddies, he sees the other kids receiving care packages and he is just waiting!!! He just wants someone to LOVE him and call him their son FOREVER!

((I am trying to get a Video (not of him, but one that reminds me of him) on the blog. Not so great at this; IF I succeed you will need to mute our music player at the bottom right of the blog so you can hear the sound of the video). I keep trying!!! :))

Could it be you? Or someone you know?

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