Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today an Ethiopian judge confirmed what we felt like God has been telling us all all along! She said the 3 sweetest little words we have ever heard in Ethiopia.... She said "HE'S YOUR SON!"!!!

WE PASSED court and today we became a FAMILY of 5! So happy to finally show his SWEET face to all of you!!! :) Meet our youngest son who became ours November 10th, 2010! :)

We were also able to see and hug Mamo's Dad today and say our goodbye's. He said that we answered a prayer that he had been praying to God for one year. He has been praying for Mamo to have a better life and to be cared for. He was unable to do so.

Welcome to our family meet Daniel Mamo Payne! We celebrated today with lunch - Grilled cheese, club sandwiches,f rench fries with Ketchup and Mirandas (a.k.a. as Orange Crush) that Daddy went and picked up from a local French Bakery! Mamo loved the grilled cheese, french fries and ketchup! :)

We are hanging out the rest of the day playing with Play-Doh (funniest thing ever really! Lots of ooh"s and ahhh's! So sweet! We willl catch up on the days in between when we get back! There is so much going on and it takes me too long to blog! I want to spend every minute with this sweet heart! We are heading home tomorrow night, so we dont have much longer to memorize everything about him! Our new prayer is that we get to come back VERY soon to bring him home-- we begin the next steps of the process! Prayfully 6-8 weeks he will be home with us FOREVER!!! Hugs and Kisses Robby and Caitlin- we love you- we miss you and your brother has been showing all the nannies your pictures! He tells everyone that you are his brother and sister!! See you soon!

Love to all!

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