Saturday, December 11, 2010

We are preparing for travel!!!!! :) Busy, Busy!

Well, it has been SUPER busy around here...

We got the call (email) this past Wednesday, December 8th that we have been cleared for travel and we have received the Embassy date of December 16th (this Thursday)for the final step of this adoption of Daniel Mamo. Can you please PRAY that all is cleared on that date for us to bring this little boy home!!! :) We leave next Monday, December 13th and we have booked 3 (THREE) return tickets arriving into Nashville on December 19th! Please pray for our kiddos here too- this week will be exam week and Grandma will be cracking the "study hard" whip! :)

So, I am now officially on vacation with my work and my Maternity leave will kick in next Thursday in Africa as long as we are cleared for our travel to return home! Phil is taking the next 2 weeks off- one week for travel and the other week to hang out with all of us when we get home! :)

We still can't believe Mamo is going to be home for Christmas! We never really thought this was possible! Mamo is going to think we are mad when he sees a lit up tree in our home! Can you imagine what he will think? America in general will be a shock (as well as this antartic weather we are having here this year!)Can't wait to hear all those sweet ooh's and ahh's....and Brrr's...

So, we are frantically getting Mamo's room ready (we will call him Mamo when he gets home) now has a fresh coat of blue paint. I am a khaki kind of girl, so this was hard for me! We will be finishing his room tomorrow! My in-laws will be here with the kids holding the fort down for us this week while we travel to Ethiopia! Thank you soo much! :)

I LOVE this video... looking back over this year, I just can't believe that I am going to Africa again (3 times) this year and that Philip will have been twice. This time last year AFRICA wasn't even on our radar.... Things can happen real fast when God has his hand in it! :) Africa is IN our hearts now and forever... Watch this! I just love this place!!! It is so AMAZING!!! (Mute our music player at bottom right of page) :)


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