Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That sweet smile of his....

What a week! We have been home now for 8 days and we have had so much fun with our little guy! He is so stinkin cute and he keeps us on our toes for sure! We are sooo glad he isn't sick anymore-- we heard from Vandy last night that his labs showed it was just a viral... a regular 'ol Viral... nothing tropical..probably something he picked up on the plane, in the airport or at home! He does have a UTI so we are treating that now, but he seems just fine! No fever now for 3 1/2 days!! Yippee!!!

Even though he was sick we still had fun.. his little personality REAKS "FUN"... sick or not!

He LOVES his daddy to pieces! and I mean LOVES him! Trusts him! Loves to PLAY with him!

I am a little jealous because daddy gets Hugs ALL DAY LONG from him. It truly is sickening and I am like chopped liver over here dying for a couple of HUGS! LOL . Those 2 have bonded beyond measure!

He is also VERY attatched to his Caitlin-lin-lin and Robby! He LOVES them soo much! and they love him soo much! I took the big kids shopping yesterday for a few hours to spend some of their Chritmas money and they were quite excited about going home so they could PLAY with Mamo! They missed him in just the few hours we were away from him!! :)

He is picking up some English and with that African accent it is the CUTEST thing you have EVER heard! :) I hope he keeps that cute accent!!! He calls out for me when he is going to bed and doesn't want to (yes, the honeymoon is over and we have a 3 year old boy at home!) I think I am the "comforter" for him... probably picked that up from our 7 hour ER visit in which he and I spent most of our time in the rocking chair together... :) When he screams Mommy, you better believe I am coming!! I am the snuggler!!! :)
As I was saying, our Honeymoon period has ended and all of the things he EASILY did before are not so easy... taking a bath, putting on new clothes, changing into our pj's, brushing our teeth, going to bed has become quite an ordeal. LOL. I emailed some other Ethiopian adoptive mothers to figure out "what we were doing wrong" and they all dropped the "Honeymoon is over bomb on me!" He is very much a 3 year old boy-- he needs some control and he likes to do things himself! So he has a choice now in his clothes selection for the day and for his PJ's at night and that has helped... bathtime is the worst. I think he is FREEZING here and he just doesnt want to get naked!!!

Christmas this year was magical...( eventhough we spent 7 hours in the Vandy Children's ER)... :) It was great to have little toys in the house again and to see that Chrismtas morning excitement through his eyes... It was so sweet!

Mamo was able to spend some time with each set of grandparents (there are 3) at different times and it was real sweet. Each grandparent of course spolied him and brought him a "ride" of some sort (trike, inch worm and skooter) so he is all over this house vrooming vrooming...
Can't wait till it gets warm and we can go outside to play!!! He is NOT a big fan of the cold, and he has been sickly, so momma hasn't let the little guy outside. Again, that is not much of a fight because he HATES the coldnesss here!

We did break all the rules of "cocooning when they first come home" and we took him to my mom's house the day after Christmas to meet all of my crazy family on my mom's side. 10 cousins, 5 aunts, 5 uncles, and his Memaw and Papa. He fit right in and did GREAT!
We stayed for 4 hours and he ate Christmas dinner (He loves ham, turkey, mom's dressing and my grandma's watergate salad!)Mom had a SPRITE for him too, so he was in heavan. The other 9 grandchidren spent a large part of the day on the 4 wheelers and being pulled on the sleigh behind the fourwheelers. He loved to watch them out the window!!! We were shocked at the end of the day when he pointed at the sleigh that Caitlin was on and then at him. We were like Woah, he wants to go on the sleigh??? We explained that he would have to put on his coat and go outside (again, he's not a fan), and he put on his coat so fast and he jumped on that sleigh with his Caitlin-lin-lin. It was so cute. He was ALL smiles! We couldnt believe that he went sledding but he did! He didnt stay out long-- He had been fever free for 2 days and I wasnt pushing it! We were just amazed that he wanted to do it!!!

YES he does smile like this ALL the time! He could easily be a little Ethiopian baby model! Isn't he just soo good looking?? :)
I know I am partial to thinking so, but his little smile is just so contagious! We have a doctor appointment on Wednesday (possibly starting our shots) and his first dentist appointment on Friday! Doesn't that sound like fun?? Philip is going back to work today so Mama will be on her own for the next few days... I know I still have some blog catching up to do. Next posts we are going backwards to our trip in Ethiopia and our welcome home post! More to come!!! :)

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