Monday, December 20, 2010

WE are HOME!!!

Ok, I know there is A LOT of blog catching up to do! I just got out of the shower and its already 1:30pm.... I dont know where the day has gone! I have tons of laundry to finish, unpacking to do, clothes to buy and Christmas to finish up! (Maybe tomorrow!)( Not to mention thank you notes and over 100 emails... :)
I will start catching you all up on what happend while we were in Ethiopia to us arriving home in The Good 'Ol USA over the blog hopefully in the next few days! I have to get some time to do this and get in my blog place! :)

He's Home! He's Home! Forever!!!

He's upstairs playing in his room right now; he's about to take his first trip to the American doctor (Oh boy!)! He LOVES his Robby and his Caitlin!!! and they LOVE him! He charmed us the whole trip, charmed the ladies at the guest home, charmed the Ethiopian security guard, the American airline flight attendent (he earned his wings after 3 airplanes to get HOME! We were so blessed to have so many family and friends at the airport to welcome us home! There were balloons and signs awaiting us as we arrived home!

He loved EVERYTHING-- especially all of the mirrors (LOL!)

He did NOT love the dogs when they came home today-- full out tears-- thanks to advice from our friend Beth, he is now feeding them treats and playing fetch with them. She is the Ethiopian child dog whisperer! Take that Ceasar Milan! LOL

Thanks again to everyone!!! We love all of you and we really know how blessed we are!!! We have seen so many less fortuanate than us on this trip of a lifetime and we will never forget what we saw. We promise to ACT on what we saw and what we learned. Thanks again so much to ALL of you!! Pics and videos to post later!!! :) Love ya! Off to the doctor--wish us luck- parasite check and off to treat a terrible cough and fever!!! He gets to ride in his new CAR SEAT.

We are sooo in love with this little guy!

He just steals your heart!

Philip said if we could figure out a way to bottle up his sweet laughter we would be RICH! He's just sooo stinking sweet! :) It was definitely a "God thing" from how we met him to how fast this adoption happend! We believed before but man, after this, our faith has grown abundantly. Its funny how CLEARLY he speaks to you when you listen!!! Follow your heart...that is God whispering to you! He led us straight to Ethiopia and we found him when I was ready to come home! He said. Oh yeah? Look at him! :) He is yours, and we obediently pursued this little miracle. Never, ever, would I have ever, thought about going on a 20+ hour plane ride to bring a new addition into our family...all the way to AFRICA... and it happend JUST LIKE THAT! So glad it did! I never want to imagine life without him!

So happy to be at home to love on our other two...

now we are complete...

Family of 5 at last!


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