Friday, September 17, 2010

Payne Family Adoption Garage Sale Fundraiser - October 22nd and 23rd!

(OK- BIG money is coming DUE and we got to get back on this fundraising journey to bring our Little Daniel Mamo home from Ethiopia!!!! Please read below and let us know if you can help! :) For those of you who still want Katie's beads from, Uganda.... YES we are still selling them, so keep the orders coming folks!!! )

We are having a GARAGE SALE FUNDRAISER to assist with our adoption costs.


We are asking YOU to help! If you are about to begin the task of turning your closets over or if you are about to make a goodwill run, would you please consider donating those items to our yard sale? We are going to need A whole LOT of stuff!! We are praying for a BIG yard sale that will yield BIG funds!! We are going the sale Friday October 22nd and Saturday October 23rd!We need STUFF and volunteers to help us man the sale! (Volunteer maybe a few hours of your time to help?- we will make if fun I promise!!!)


We NEED clothes, shoes, home d├ęcor items, bed linens, baby stuff, toddler and kids TOYS, bikes, FURNITURE, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, kitchen items, lawn equipment, tv’s, cameras, electronics. Nothing is too big or too small.

If you have an extra TV, camera, exercise bike, piece of furniture that is just hanging around but you don’t know what to do with and you are willing to part with it, please consider donating to a good cause?

The bigger items will get the bigger price tags, and we would really appreciate it.

Do you have a lawnmower in your garage, but you use a yard service… and have no real plans to ever use it again? Donate it to a good cause!!

Think outside the box for items you can donate...—one family told us they even had someone donate an old car to sell!

We are happy to collect ANYTHING that you can part with, so if you can help us gather some goodies over the next month or so that would be great.

****Listen when your friends tell you they are getting rid of something….and ask them if we can have it!!

Will you designate a box of “donate-able” items in your garage and begin to add to it over the next month? You may find that you have TONS of boxes to fill for us or just one!!
We are happy to come pick them up when they are full- our garage is ready to accept donations when you are ready!!!
Would be so kind to send this message on to some of your friends or neighbors? Feel free to post on your facebook page or send emails for us!!!

If you know someone putting their stuff in a consignment sale, would you ask them for their leftover items? If you have a friend who is having a yard sale, would you ask them if we could have whatever is left that they don’t sell? (More than likely they will pack it all up and drop off at goodwill, so would you please ask them to donate to the Payne family Adoption Fundraiser instead?)

If you would like to help us with the sale or have items to donate could you please message us to let us know??? That would be so great! Trying to figure out what we have coming and who's willing to help us with this fundraiser!!Thanks for helping us bring our little boy home from Ethiopia and for being a part of this amazing journey!!!

This week and next week are BIG weeks for us! Our Dossier paperwork JUST LEFT all the checkpoints in the DC area and is now headed via FED EX to our agency! Ya Hoo!(Hallelujah!)

No word yet on our I-600 paperwork... But it's out there.... somewhere! Ha!

Our son will (hopefully) be finding out that we are going to be his FAMILY NEXT WEEK! Our AGENCY directors husband is in Ethiopia right now... and he is waiting on his bags to find him! They got lost in Dubai...Aye ya ya... So pray his bags reach him quickly!!!

We will also start writing the first wave of the BIG checks NEXT week!!!….. So pray with us that we will have enough to cover everything that is coming due!

Remember to keep checking our blog for our recent progress with Daniel Mamo's adoption!!! Save it under your favorites on your tool bar for easy access!! Praying that we get our first court date BEFORE the end of the year!!!


Philip, Gina, Robby, Caitlin and Daniel Payne

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