Monday, September 6, 2010

His name shall be...

After much prayer and many handsome name considerations, we have agreed to name our Ethiopian son:

Words from his American father, Philip and WHY the name DANIEL was given to this child:

I wanted to name our newest child after my Father, Daniel Payne. I told my parents that I wanted to name him after the greatest man I knew!! My Dad was the kind of Dad I always strive to be. He made time to throw the baseball around, he made time to listen to me when I had a problem. He made time to go camping out with me in boy scouts and taught me to love God. My Dad has gone through some very hard times and his faith in Christ has never waivered. He is a very kind and loving man and is a great role model for what a father's love looks and feels like. I love you Dad and thank you for everything.

His middle name will remain Mamo for now. We are hopeful to meet with his father to understand more of the meaning behind his given name of Mamo. We have been given 3 different translations of Mamo and we weren't exactly thrilled with a few of the translation's meanings, so we are praying his father may be able to provide some answers here. IF we find out his name indeed does translate to one of those meanings, it is quite possible that his middle name will change before we leave Ethipoia to bring the little bit home! :) We will continue to pray about it and see where God leads us. In the bible names were often changed and we want our little guy to have a stong name!

Daniel Mamo Payne.... We love you and can't wait to welcome you into our fold!

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