Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess who turns 4 this month???

Mamo-licous turns 4 this month! His birthday is April 28th!! He is sooo excited! :) We have been to a few birthday parties now... he still doesn't get the whole concept, but he gets that it is a party and that they have cake!! Ha! Ha!!

He brought home his April pre-school calendar and he is sooo proud that HIS birthday is on the calendar! :) Big smiles all the way around!

Can't wait for his party, but selfishly I wish he could be 3 a bit longer! He is such a BIG boy going to school now in the mornings... He loves it and acts like he has done it his whole life! He loves being with his friends, and sadly I am not even getting hugs goodbye at the door ( I still get blow kisses when he catches me glancing in his room!) Melts a mama's heart...

Gotta look for a FIRE ENGINE cake for his birthday! It's his newest obsession!

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