Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great things show up in packages filled with LOVE!

The UPS man visits our house frequently; so when he showed up this evening while I was pulling weeds from the yard I didn't give it much mention.... ( figured it was MORE marketing materials from my work)... Then a few hours later I looked at it and thought, Hmmm..that is not work stuff! I HEART packages! What is it?

YAY! I love opeing presents! and I ESPECIALLY LOVE opening packages for littles in Ethiopia!!!! Lookie what I got!!!

The box just kept pouring out rain boots, rain boots, rain boots!

I heart Rain Boots! Still collecting if you want to donate!

Anne, you are AMAZING!!! Anne is the mama to a few of Mamo's friends, that are still in Ethiopia waiting to meet her! Oh, how I can't wait till she meets her two little darlings! Phil and I LOVED on her kiddos (Anne is Birdies mama, Wendi!) :)

Anne, you are DIVINE and I am so praying for your court date to be soon, soon, soon, soon!

Just a reminder to all that I am still collecting RAIN BOOTS ( New and Old) for the kiddos in Ethiopia! I will be sending them with Ordinary Hero for their TWO trips in July! I hope to be back on this trip next year! :) I Heart Ethiopia! I left part of my heart there for sure! They will be going in July and it is during the cold rainy season....please help!
HELP Cover their little feet!

We are all so blessed!

Blessings Anne! Thank you!!! :)

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