Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 weeks later....

Well, I keep getting lots of questions about Mamo's english, so here are some answers! He is PRACTICALLY fluent! Isn't that crazy? He knows everything we say, we spell a lot around here,and its a matter of time till the little stinker figures out what we are spelling....he is soo smart! He is always watching and listening and taking it all in! He doesn't miss a beat! But his english is VERY VERY good and its all the time!!!! Here are a few of my favorite things he says, that aren't quite right. "Please Noove... He get's his N's and M's mixed up.... Ha ha! And he loves to watch Noovies... I noticed the other day that ne now "plays in English", when he is playing with his cars by himself. Makes me a little sad to see that sweet Amharic go away.... :( But by George, he's got it!!!!

He is still LOVING school! Oh my! He would go everyday if we would let him! He loves to play and loves having friends! He is no longer stuck to leg at all times; he sees littles and he is off to play! He will say Mamo go play with his friends, and he is off!

He has been learning lots about Jesus and he thinks he is pretty cool. He still prays over our dinner each night, and his prayer has gotten pretty long. He says something like this (gotta get this one on the flip for yall)... Thank you Jesus, thanks for daddy, thanks for mommy, thanks for Robby, thanks for Caitlin, thanks for Acey, thanks for Copper, thanks for our house, thanks for daddy's car, thanks for mommy's car, thanks for Mamo's car, thanks for... it goes on and on. And if he is eating lunch by himself he prays too without prompting. He will start to eat, and then he will stop and pray!! So cute!!! Mamo will be baptized later this month!

Philip is from Kentucky, so of course he bleeds blue and he and Robby were soo excited the kitty kats made it to the final 4 this year! Mamo says he likes "Tucky" too! It was a tough game to watch....maybe next year!!!

Mamo has been wanting to try swimming for a while now, so on Sunday when our friends Stacee and David invited us over to swim after church, we jumped at the chance to introduce him to the swimming pool! He was a little hesitant at first and he clung tight to everyone! He played for a long time on the pool steps with a whole lotta toys! He thinks that his goggles are "fishy sunglasses!!!" Ha ha! Overall it was a GREAT first trip to the pool! He didn't want to leave!

Mamo is still talking alot about his birthday that is later this month!!!! He is excited about turning 4! :) He's most excited about his cake!!! This kids is ALWAYS thinking about eating!!! Ha! ha!

Well, off to work I go! Phil has the kids this am and I got a chance to have a quiet morning with coffee and catch up on some blogging! Thanks honey!!! :)

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