Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Payne Family Adoption T-Shirt Fundraiser!!! The BIG unveil! Get yours today!!!

How AWESOME are these shirts????

We can't take all the credit for these amazing shirts! Special shout out to my creative spirit and wonderful friend, Wendy Smith, who helped me come up with the idea for these shirts! Another special shout out to our fabulous designer and good friend who used to work with Philip, way back when at Channel 5, the very talented designer, Joe Moore!
And who could not forget my sweet neighbor and friend, the famous, Shelley Devereaux, who hooked us up with these AMAZING t-shirt options!

It's getting cooler outside so we scrapped those short sleeve tees for some cool FALL gear!!!!!!!!

Take a look at what all of these AMAZING ( CHOSEN) people came up with for our Adoption Tshirts!!!!

This ladies CHOSEN shirt is a bit fitted so you will want to order up a size if you want a little extra room. I am ordering a SMALL; the fit pretty true to size, but it you want some room you may want to go up a size! This picture represents the actual shirt!! The white shirt that is under the black shirt is BUILT in!!! Woo Hoo! How COOL is that! :) I Love, Love, Love this shirt!!! This is my new weekend gear that I will be in ALL the time!

You know our family will be sporting these at the Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale that will be happening a few weeks from now! :) This ladies long sleeve CHOSEN shirt option sells for $28! The sizes are XS-XL.

On the back of the shirt it reads: "147 Million Orphans Minus One" which represents two things...
#1) This is how many orphans there are in this world today. There are 147 MILLION orphans and sadly that number is going up everyday! Our desire is to bring ORPHAN awareness to others so that they may realize their calling to adopt or to support someone who IS adopting!!! If 8% of all Christians answered God's calling to adopt,then there would NOT be an Orphan Crisis!!! Lack of finances are why some people do not answer God's calling to do this.... Ask someone you know that is adopting HOW you can help them! :) If you are considering adopting and wondering what that path looks like, we would LOVE to talk with you !!

#2) "Minus One" represents our bringing HOME our little guy, Daniel Mamo Payne!!
We are so anxious to answer God's calling to add to our family! "Minus One" also represents EVERY child that has ever been adotped and those that are being adopted!!! This also signifies that YOU had some part in the "MINUS ONE" movement of bringing our litte guy or someone else's child HOME-- International or Domestic! :)

The words on the back at the bottom are hard to read on this picture... It says: "I will not leave you as Orphans, I will come to you." James 14:18. This is one of our family's favorite bible verses! :) We agreed whole heartedly this had to be on the back of ALL the shirts!

This is the Man's shirt option! The price on these shirts are $25 for the long sleeve CHOSEN Shirt, which comes in sizes S-2XL! My husband and Son picked these out for all you Guys!!! :)

So what do the words CHOSEN, the continent of Africa and the Heart represent???Obviously, we are being called to Africa, hence the continent representation, where there are estimated to be 22 Million Orphans. The HEART represents Ethiopia, where God called my son and I to visit in July, where we fell in love instantly with Daniel "Mamo". He had arrived at his orphange just the day before. This was also an orphanage that we were NOT supposed to visit... it was not on our trip iteniary, but where God led us and where we fell in love with the newest member of our family! :) There are estimated to be over 6 Million Orphans WAITING to have a FOREVER family in Ethiopia alone!

CHOSEN.... Has so many different meanings to our family... Keep reading....

We also have this shirt in KIDS sizes....

(Daniel is so getting one and we hope to have him dressed in his as we land on Nashville soil and when many of you will meet him for the FIRST time!!!) They are like the mens shirt (basic black, beefy long sleeve t-shirt) and they sell for $15! They come in sizes Small(6/7), Medium(8/10), Large(10/12), and XL (14/16)! They look like they RUN SMALL! I thought the SMALL looked more like a 5/6, so keep that in mind! Our little guy will get the SMALL ONE! It will be a little big, but that's ok!!!

Ok, CHOSEN reprents a lot of things to our family! I posted the meaning behind CHOSEN on my last CLICK HERE for the meaning behind it!

Basically, this shirt CELEBRATES ALL OF YOU who have joined this journey with us! We have ALL been CHOSEN to bring this little guy half way around the world into our arms! We couldn't have come this far without ALL of you! We were all CHOSEN to be on this journey together! Everyone of you have had a part in this journey...and we are so THANKFUL for your PRAYERS, your SUPPORT, Your Donations, Your Bead purchases, Your Gifts, your garage sale donations, and Your kind words of encouragement along the way!!! :)

We are accepting PRE ORDERS NOW!!! Let me know what size shirt and what style you are interested in! I need to know how many to buy and what size and style you are interested in! You can pay later, or now, but go ahead and let us know your sizes PLEASE and we will SAVE a shirt for you ( and your family!)!!! We have a PAYPAL link on our blog or you can get a check/cash to us when the shirts come in!!! :)


Contact us with your order at or
Pick up or shipping is avaiable! ($5 for shipping!)

Shirts will be ready in time for the Payne Family Adoption Yard Sale ( October 22nd and 23rd!), so feel free to stop by and buy yours that day and come out and be a part of our JOURNEY to bring this precious boy HOME!!!

Join our JOURNEY today!!! Thanks again for your SUPPORT!

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