Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News Already!!!!!

We received an email yesterday morning, October 12th, stating that we ALREADY have a court date! Woo HOO! We were thinking it would be more like Dec/Jan time frame before we had our first trip! Instead, God has decided to send us early... We are leaving for Ethiopia on November 4th, arriving November 6th and staying with our little guy until November 13th! Our court date is on November 10th! Ethiopia is now a 2 trip country, so sadly we won't be bringing him home this trip, but we are closer to that reality of being a family of 5!

Everyone PLEASE start praying :

#1 that our travels to Ethiopia are safe
#2 That Daniel Mamo will be able to open his heart to us
#3 That we begin to bond/attach with each other while we are in Ethiopia, and that it will be a smooth transition
#4 That his father (his mother is deceased), shows up for the court date
#5 That his father will have peace in his heart, as he is faced with this gut wrenching decision to allow us to parent his child
#6 That his father will meet with us and provide us with some background information regarding our son and his family and that he may want to have a relationship with us
#7 That his father will allow us to help him or any other children that he has in a way that blesses him and his family
#8 That our case passes Court on the FIRST try, without any additional information required! (We will then be able show all of you his picture!!!)
#9 For our safety while we are in Ethiopia
#10 That God will continue to STRETCH us while in Ethiopia, and show us how we can help these beautiful people (we will be visiting the trash dump)

We will also need prayers that on November 13th that all 3 of us, will all be able to "hold it together" as we LEAVE each other. We will be leaving Ethiopia without our son for a short while, until we secure our next Court date!

We will then begin to ask for you to pray that we go back with Gods speed to bring our son home as soon as it is HIS timing to do so. There is a CHANCE that Daniel may be home by Christmas... We will have some paperwork still out, so some of the timing will depend on a piece of paper floating around out there.

We have been sooo Blessed that this has happend so quickly for all of us!

No doubt about it, that this was all God's plan. How else can you describe how quickly all of this has happend? How else can you describe that just a few months back my son and I met this little guy in an orphanage the day after he arrived? How else can you explain that THIS orphanage was an unscheduled visit for our group... and that hours before we met him that we decided to go there.

The night before I met Daniel Mamo, I told God that this was too hard. I wasn't sure I could do this (adopt). I was sad by the things I had seen and hadn't really felt a connection that I thought I would feel. I was sad, I was mad at the poverty and sickness I had seen and I just didn't think I was cut out for all of this.I was feeling numb. To be honest I was really ready to just go back home. The next day, he put this little guy RIGHT IN OUR PATH... and that day, we as a family of 4, were forever changed.

Hang on little one... we are coming to see you!!!! 22 days and counting!!!!

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and your continued prayers!!!

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