Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fingerprinting Complete....Check!

Well, at 8am we had our fingerprints taken and now we just sit back and allow God to continue to have his hand in this adoption. He has been working so swiftly and we have to put our trust in him that HIS timing will be PERFECT!!!

We are praying that our set of fingerprints will be accepted on our FIRST try!

I couldn't help but marvel at how incredibly unique we all are this morning as they were taking our fingerprints. Fingerprints are proof of God's amazing love for us, and just how DETAILED he was in our CREATION! Such a tiny detail to you and me, but one that is so incredibly important as to how unique each and every one us is to him!

Praying. that quickly our fingerprints LEAVE OUR STATE, and then our paperwork travels on to Missouri to the NEW centralized office for Immigration. This is where we will need more prayers that ALL of of homestudy will be finally, OFFICIALLY accepted. If so, then we get the last piece of paperwork that we need! Ya Hoo!!

We don't know how long this will take... Our prayers are the new office is fast, efficient, and gracious and that all of our paperwork is what they need to approve our little guy coming home!! We are going to celebrate when this last piece of paper's arrival at the Ethiopian Restaurant in Nashville!! Anyone want to come with us??? We pray we are going REAL soon!!!

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