Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saturday's Homecoming!

We can't wait to see the expression on Mamo's face on Saturday at 2:45!!!! It will be PRICELESS!!!!!

We will be heading to the airport to WELCOME HOME the GREEN family of 7!!! :)

3 of the kiddos FROM the ORPHANAGE where Mamo stayed are coming to Live HERE in Franklin, TN! :) We have become very good friends with The Green Family and we have spent time with all 3 of there kiddos in Ethiopia while we were there on our court and Embassy trip! Robby and I met their twins (age 7)all the way back in July when we were on the Mission trip with Ordinary Hero! They arrived to the orphanage the same day as Mamo! All 5 of the Payne's will be at the airport waiting to see 3 of those BEAUTIFUL children (and Brian and Gaitlin) get off that plane!

We have told Mamo they are coming... but he doesn't quite get it. We saw a plane the other day and he said COME TO AMERICA (then he rattled off a bunch of his friends names!!!) So cute! I know he will REALLY get it when they WALK out of that airport! Can you imagine his face? They will be a reminder to him of Ethiopia, his orphanage and his language. They were his FRIENDS at his orphanage! Oh, how I cant wait to hug those kiddos necks! I still can't believe they are coming to our backyard! Its really AMAZING! I LOVE how God works!

There are more kiddos coming too! LOTS more friends coming, so we are WAITING and praying patiently for the rest of our friends paperwork to be accepted and finalized!!!
Come on, come on to America as Mamo says! Can't wait till they are ALL home!We are PRAYING for God's speed for the Couch and Krehibel family! That will be 3 more cuties that are the same age as Mamo that will soon be coming home, and 2 of them were also from Mamo's orphanage!!! Not much much longer now! :) Keep praying!!!

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