Saturday, February 5, 2011

Someone flipped on the "English" light switch around here...

Ok, so everyone told us there are 3 milestones for when you adopt international toddler age kids when it comes to their English learning. The First milestone is make it to the 6 week mark and you will be amazed at their English skills. (I was like yeah, right!)We just made it to the first milestone. Last week (week 5) he started really saying things that we say around the house (not things we were teaching him, just everyday words...) He sneezed and asked for a tissue..we were like, where did he learn that? And if you sneeze, you get a "BLESS YOU"! :) Come on Robby. Come on Caitlin are VERY popular phrases. And you gotta throw in that cute Ethiopian accent in there! He really started having a pretty good vocabulary.

This week,(week 6) someone REALLY flipped on the light switch with his English. He is a CHATTER BOX... he repeats everything and is saying a lot of random stuff on his own! I asked him to go brush his teeth yesterday and I got a "OH gosh..." from him. Ha! Last night he said Oh my goodness... ? Where does he get this stuff? Robby thinks he got that one from watching Donald Duck! There is just too much stuff to list really. On a sad note, he isn't singing all of his Amharic songs anymore and No, I haven't caught them on video. Everytime I try to film/record it, he STOPS! Little stinker!
We are ALL enjoying him and some words we have had to start spelling 'cause smarty pants knows what we are saying now! That was so stinking fast! Total emersion will do that I guess! :) We are so proud of him! He is so AMAZING!

We had our one month doctor check up this week (plus 2 more shots) and he had gained 4LBS and grew an inch! Wow!! We weren't shocked though AT ALL! He eats like a HORSE! All the time and ALL DAY LONG! I think he thinks America is one big fat buffet that is open 24 hours! :) He still likes most anything-- not very picky. He LOVES fruit and has discoverd potato chips! :) The oddest things I think that he likes is salad and yogurt! My kids can't eat enough salads and yogurt, so who cares if he eats the potato chips, right? :)

He had his first day to school and he did GREAT! He stayed ALL day long!He awoke for school at 5:45am (ouch) screaming Backpack, Backpack! His "daily report card" said he was quiet, social- a little, happy, a little sad, he ate A LOT (surprise :), and laughed some but that they didnt know what he was laughing at! Ha Ha! He was really just hanging back and taking it all in! He had a good day and as we were leaving his school he announced "Mamo go school tomorrow!" His first REAL sentence!

His start to his second day of school was not as successful! He was NOT up at 5:45 screaming school, school and he didn't care that Robby and Caitlin were at school. He DIDN'T WANT TO GO and I left him at his preschool in tears.Ugh! When I went to pick him up the teachers were BEAMING about how well he did! They said he cried maybe for one minute and then he just jumped into his center time! They really got to see his personality today and they said he was very social and wanted to participate in EVERYTHING! There was no holding back today!!! He gave them all hugs as we were leaving and he was VERY excited to show me his Valentine party sheet they put in his folder! :) Love, Love! :)

He still having so many firsts and one of my favorite times is still snuggling with him as he falls asleep. Philip says we are gonna have to start weening him off of the idea that we lay down with him at night, but I am thinking NAH... I am not giving up all those hugs and kisses and how he holds my face in his hands before he falls asleep! I am just not ready for that! If he is 16 and still doing that, then it is fine with this mama! :)

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