Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ordinary Hero Photo Shoot and a Payne Family Blessings Rain Boot Drive!

Well, Mamo and I were invited to our very FIRST photo shoot yesterday by our friend Kelly Putty with Ordinary Hero! She has some new duds and needed some models to show off her new line! She is such an AMAZING woman! Ordinary Hero is the Ministry in which Robby and I traveled with last year on our Mission Trip to Africa. Robby and I met Mamo on our 5th day of that trip last July! It is so surreal that 8 months later our newest son from Ethiopia and I are now modeling t-shirts for Ordinary Hero in America. :)

I wasn't sure how Mamo would do at the photo shoot, so I brought chocolate and cupcakes along for bribery!!! I was hoping they at least got a few good shots of him and then I saw this one on FACEBOOK this morning!

I know a mama is partial... But isn't he a CUTIE???

Thanks again Kelly.. We had a BLAST!!!

Ordinary Hero is about to kickoff (hopefully March) a way to help those of you that are fundraising for an Adoption or for those of you who are interested in going on a Mission Trip! So stay tuned... You can check out more information on the OH blog site and what information they will need from you! We can ALL be an Ordinary Hero! :)

Ordinary Hero is going back to Ethiopia this summer (their trip is already full; however they are contemplating another trip, so if you are interested I would strongly suggest to jump on their waiting list!). It was such an AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING trip for both my son Robby, myself, and ultimately for our entire family. My heart STILL yearns for Ethiopia... and I mean it; I think about it everyday! I can't go back THIS year, but I desperately want to be a part of this team and help Ordinary Hero help as many of those in Ethiopia! Sooo....

Our family has decided to launch a RAIN BOOT DRIVE and we want to send the boots we collect with the Ordinary Hero team when they travel to Ethiopia this summer!!! Our goal is to collect 50 pairs of rain boots! (Any color, any size!) There are little ones and big ones that NEED these boots! They can be new or used! There are so many people that have sooo little there and our hand me downs would spread so much JOY to the kids in Ethiopia! The trip is in July and it is right SMACK DAB in the middle of their rainy season and it is cool and MUDDY, MUDDY! The entire time I was there I kept thinking about my rain boots that were sitting on my back porch, wishing that I had them with me! So, we started thinking... how nice it would be for the kids to be able to keep their feet dry?

I know lots of y'all are starting to Spring clean and Target is getting in all of their new CUTE Spring line of RAIN BOOTS... so here is what I am asking... If your child's rain boots are too small so its time to get a new pair...or if you just happen to buy a new pair because you see something you like better....could we please
have your old ones??? or maybe you are out shopping and find a really good sale on rain boots and you would like to donate to our cause...would you pick up an extra pair? Just keep it in mind as your kids are growing and when you are out shopping! I had placed this idea of facebook a while back and look what we already have?

So we have 4 pairs of girlie RAIN BOOTS ..and I have had lots of you
tell me that you have boots for us, so let's figure out a way to get them over to us! You can ship them to us or I am happy to meet you somewhere! Thanks so much to those of you who have already sent me your RAIN boots! The kids in Africa will LOVE them, and I'm telling have these during their rainy season will be such a blessing!

Here is the need that we saw over and over and over and over on this trip. This is WHY we cant forget what we saw and why our family is choosing to hold this RAIN BOOT DRIVE!

The need here is GREAT. Can you help?


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