Monday, December 26, 2011

October happenings...

October 1st someone got his very first Halloween costume. He definitley wanted to be a cowboy- its all he talked about for months. But then you take a 4 year old into Party City to see hundreds of different costumes and you realize pretty fast that once they tell us they are OUT of the cowboy costume, then very quickly he wants to be Anything and Everything that he sees. He decided on the policeman costume. Oh my word. Is there any policeman out there this cute? I think not.

Robby, Caitlin and Mamo are all doing great in school at CPA. Robby really likes CPA (WHEW!). We were praying that he would adjust quickly-- we knew going to a new school in high school would be an adjustment, but he had adjusted GREAT! Robby has football everyday and is very busy with all of his Honors classes! He is really learning  how to study! He made a 3.8 his first quarter, so we were SUPER proud of him! He had to make a cell project for his Bio class and it had to be a 1x1x1--that is a foot wide and tall. Hmmm.. this is his SUPER sized cake he made. He got an A!!!

Cailtin is also doing great in school and loves it! She is really growing in her confidence this year and that makes us so happy. When we first transitioned over here to CPA, she wasn't very trusting of some of the kids here. She has learned that this really IS a different environment and she has lots of friends that are girls and boys. Caitlin also recently performed in a BRAVO production of OLIVER! It was a LOT of work and we were very proud of her!

Mamo of course LOVES school! He has the sweetest teacher and he has made so many new friends! He talks about them all the time and his favorite thing to do after school while he is waiting on his Big sister's school to be out is to play with his friends at the SECRET hideout. Its a bunch of tree like shrubs in the breezeway at CPA and ALL the preschoolers take it over right after school is out everyday! He is learning sooo much and his teacher says he is such a big helper! He goes to preschool 5 days  a week, so he feels all grown up- just like his Robby and Caitlin!

Another NEW milestone was our first High School Homecoming Dance. The freshman were told the FIRST day of school about Homecoming and that they needed to find a date. It was funny, because I was sooo nervous when I picked up Robby from his first day of school. When I picked him up and I asked how it was all he could tell me was that he had to have a date to the Homecoming dance (that was in October- this was August mind you). He looked as pale as a sheet! He said "Mom, I don't know ANYONE here!!" It was a lot of pressure, but he asked a friend that he used to go to Sunset with that he had known since 2nd grade. She started at CPA last year. Robby also was lucky enough to have 2 other boys from Sunset start CPA this year!

Homecoming has defintely changed since we were in school. The dance was a seperate night from the football game and it was dressy attire. And they all went out to eat at a nice restaurant before the game. They had a great time and Philip and I still refer to the whole thing as PROM. At least we know what to expect next year!

October is Birthday month for our 2 oldest kiddos. Cailtin turned 13-- officially a teenager. Do y'all remember how the middle school years for girls is hard? She has a great school with great friends, but it is still just hard being 13 year old girl! She is no longer the "baby" of the family. She isn't old enough to do some of the things she would like and she is too young to be a "little girl".  She is kind of stuck in the middle and I am so thankful that we receive some guidance from her school on "raising middle schoolers!" She is stil adjusting to her hormone changes, the birth order change and figuring out where she fits. I remember feeling the SAME way! I thought Philip and I were going to turn GREY when Robby was in middle school! Glad we all survived it is all I can say!

Caitlin celebrated with friends with a sleepover - which is her favorite thing to do in the whole wide world! :) So much fun to hang with your friends!

 They ate, laughed, sang, had smores

 and were just silly girls!

 Love her friends! This was also her first sleepover with a little brother.
 We all survived it! LOL

So- next we have Robby's 15th birthday! That is driving Permit age folks! Yikes!

 My sweet sister just happend to be selling her car, and we offered to pay half of it. He jumped on that offer. He has been saving for his car since he was 7 years old, so he was able to sport the second half and pay for the needed repairs!

 He is quite proud of his purhcase and we are relieved. I have a company car (no learning to drive that one) and we really weren't looking forward to him learning to drive the BUS- I mean XL Envoy. This is a much better learning to drive situation! Believe it or not, he still hasn't taken his permit test yet-- CPA football takes precedence and he is there everyday Monday - Friday from the minute class is over until 6 or 7. That offers no time for taking  a permit test apparently. The boy is dedicated. That is all I can say. We offered for him to miss a practice, but it hasn't happend yet!

Pumpkin Patch time with some of our cousins!!! This was Mamo's first pumpkin picking event and we went to a really cool place. and you will LOVE his pumpkin find!
Cousins Logan, Sam, Addie and Claire were all with us for our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch! This place was great! He loved to petting zoo and they had so much stuff for the kids to do!
We take up the whole train! This was Mamo's favortie thing! The tractor ride was AWESOME!
Big Sis Cailtin was a little too BIG to ride the train, and to do some of the other little kid stuff. (Again, we are at an awkward age)-- so mama got her some lemonade and a little sugar made things a little better. She was a GREAT sport pal-ing around with all the littles.

In this picture Mamo is giving his "I am done smiling for you mommy smile".
It's his scary smile. But cute of Caitlin :)

Off now to find our Pumpkin.... we tell him he can have ANY pumpkin he wants...That is a BIG decision for a little boy who is 4...
(here is his scary smile again).. He is exhausted and ready to go home. So are We. :)

And this my friends was the prize winning pumpkin that he selected. He had the above pictured pumpkin and at checkout he changed his mind again! Here it is! Out of all those pumpkins he picked a Green Gourd! and he kissed it the whole way home! He was so proud of it!

Let the carving begin! Our BIGS aren't too BIG for carving!
and the little one was busy painting his small pumpkins!

Caitlin, our very artistic child set out to do a carving of Copper on her pumpkin. I was a little skeptical. This looks hard.
but she worked hard and it turned out like this. AMAZING!

And I worked on these! Old Fashioned Pop Corn balls to hand out to the trick or treaters! I figured since we were in a small neighborhood and we all know each other that homemade treats were acceptable! They were Oh, so yummy!

Trick or Treating here we come!

So, this was the craziest fullest month ever. Between schoolwork, Homecoming dances, football games, soccer games, play practices, play performances, 2 birthday parties, our first pumpkin patch outing, Halloween costume shopping and trick or treating we were completly exhausted! Philip and I  had a blast with all 3 of our kiddos! They definitely keep us BUSY! We sleep REAL good these days!! :)

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