Sunday, January 1, 2012

December...Christmas with Gina's family (Round 2 and 3)

First the Barley family came to town to visit... and that was followed by The Johnston family! The kids love it when Memaw, Papa, Papa and Grandma come to town!

Round 2... Memaw and Papa...

We all had a nice dinner and then on to PRESENTS! The kids can hardly wait!

Baseball season opens as far as "training" is concerned on 1/2/2012. The rest of us will be observing the 2nd as a New Years Holiday and Robby will be reporting to his first day of  baseball practice!  Here we go again...

Kindle! She LOVES to read!

These boots were made for walkin...These boots were a BIG deal!! He has talked about wanting REAL cowboy boots for at least 4 months! He was so exctied to get these! Look at that face! He wears them EVERYWHERE! They are very fashionable with his track pants. Reminds me of my little brothers when we were little! :)

My mom asked what we wanted for Christmas and I told her I wanted an Angel painting that she paints. She said she wasn't going to have time to make me one! Oh yeah, lookie what we got? I love it and its extra special cause she made it! (She is even starting to sell them!)

Papa got a couple of golf passes!

 I bribed Mamo to look at me (with the camera) by offering up M&M's. Looks like I should have bribed the other people in this picture too. LOL

Round 3....Papa Skip and Gradma Susan came to town...

Mamo was so surpised that everyone kept showing up with presents for him. First Christmas and we ruined him with all the loot. He could have gotten 2 total presents and he would have been thrilled. By the end of Christmas the little guy was a professional at opening presents and saying thank you!

Legos! Legos! Legos! Big boy Legos! Caitlin will spend hours working on building this for him!!!
He asked Santa for 2 things - a bike and Legos. Santa brought the bike and Papa and Grammy brought the Legos! The BIG kids got money-- which they love spending! Caitlin has already spent hers and Robby is hanging on to his a bit longer...

Me and my daddy :)

Robby got a lesson on how to change a car battery (dad brought him a new battery for his car that died!) He did pretty good but his muscles are so strong that he broke the strap that holds it in. Ha Ha. But at least he knows how now.

Merry Christmas to my family! We love you all so much!! Thanks for all that you do!!

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