Monday, January 2, 2012

December...Christmas Eve/Day 2011...The BIG Finale

We had some excited kids on Christmas Eve in the Payne household!  We are so blessed to have the privelage to raise these 3 precious kids in our family that God created for us!

 Chrismas Eve we all watched Christmas movies, went to church, had dinner, made cookies for Santa and sprinkled out reindeer food. Cailtin and Mamo made cookies for Santa....

....and the whole gang decorated cookies for Santa! I think there was some sampling going on too.

Mamo and mommy went out to sprinkle reindeer food out for Santa's sleigh that Mamo made at school! Check out those boots! He was so excited and rushed to the window the next morning to see if the reindeer came to eat it! I remember doing this with Robby when he was little! So sweet! It seems like it was just a few years ago. Time is flying folks!

Mamo went to bed on Christmas Eve around 8 o'clock but I thought the little guy would NEVER fall asleep. He usually goes right to sleep, but at 10:30 he was still awake. He said "Mommy, it's just too hard to go to sleep!" He had been dreaming of Christmas Eve since the beginning of December. Finally it had arrived! It was so exciting to have that Christmas excitement back in the house shared by a little one! He wasn't scared of Santa but so excited that he might stop by his house! He eventually went to sleep... and Santa did come!

Christmas morning- they kids wait on the stairs! They open their stockings on the stairs, while mommy and daddy turn on the Christmas music and daddy gets mommy's coffee made!

Mamo asked Santa for a bike.... Let's see what he brought....

and Santa even brought him an ORANGE bike-- that is Mamo's favorite color! How in the world did he know that?

Robby and Caitlin got I-Pods from Santa and a warm coat!

As soon as he saw his bike,Mamo wanted us to all stand in a circle and hold hands and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. See, he is starting some of his own traditions. It was so sweet. He was very particular how this was supposed to be done- I think he had thought about it for a while.

We had breakfast and then tackled the gifts under the tree from mommy and daddy. We totally changed how we did gifts from mom and dad this year. Each child received 3 gifts total. We got them 3 gifts, just like Jesus got 3 gifts from the Wise Men.  We figured if 3 gifts were good enough for Jesus, then it was good enough for our kids! It was real sweet. (In years past, we have gone overboard and it was nice this year simplifying what went under the tree.) This new tradition will continue! 

Copper gets presents too. He opens them all by himself! He should get SOMETHING after all the reindeer dressing up and all that we put him through!

He loves his new babies!

Playing with our toys and getting dressed in our new clothes!
                                       Vanderbilt boys!

                                      Mamo's toys or Cailtin's?

We supported APPLE products this year. We have a New I-Mac and I have no idea how to work it. I am sticking to my laptop (that has to be plugged in or doesn't work). Hee Hee!

                                    Mamo and Mommy!

                         Big boy on his bike!
His little friend in the neighborhood also got a bike from Santa = hours of fun!

A perfect end to a perfect day! Daddy grilled out our dinner! No cooking for mommy! Thanks honey!

We sat down for dinner to bless our food and once again Mamo wanted us to all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was so sweet. I am so glad that he got that Christmas was about Jesus's birthday and not just Santa Claus and getting lots of presents. He is such a sweet child. I am not sure I got all that at age 4. I believe Mamo's first "Do Over" Christmas was a success!

Philip's Christmas wish was for the big kids to watch his favorite Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life. It's tough getting the kids to watch the "Old" movies. Caitlin got through it, but it is now one of Robby's favorite Christmas movies. Philip was very touched by that. There were wet eyes at the end of the movie for sure!

May we all be reminded of the REAL reason for CHRISTmas! We are blessed BEYOND measure. May we all hold our loved ones tight, rejoice and BLESS many others this year!

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